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Moirs Limited

This page was reproduced with permission from the Canadian Manufactures Association. The Canadian Manufacturers Association, renamed Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters, holds the Copyright for the text and images.

This information came from Industry '67 Centennial Perspective, published by The Canadian Manufacturers' Association in May 1967. The original document is accessible through Western Libraries Shared Catalogue.

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The earliest reliable records of Moirs Limited date back to 1830, when Moir, Son and Company began to operate as a bakery business on the site of the present-day firm in Halifax.

The biscuit operation was added in 1862, when a five-storey building was built on the same site. In 1873 J. W. Moir, grandson of the original founder, experimented in the manufacturing of confectionery and developed a line of chocolates.

In 1903 the company took the name of Moirs, Limited, and in 1927 a nine-storey structure for manufacturing candy was added to the facilities.

Moirs manufacturing plantIn the early 1930's a chocolate processing Plant was established in Bedford where the special coating is still manufactured.

Over the past few Years upwards of $2 million has been invested so that today the company has the most modern equipment available.

Moirs Limited today produces and sells over 75 sizes and varieties of packaged chocolates, over 30 varieties in many sizes of sweets or sugar confectionery and several varieties of chocolate bars.

Its leading chocolate package from coast to coast is the Pot of Gold which the company has manufactured since 1927. This package with its attractive cover girl has reflected changing hair styles and dress since it was introduced. This has meant more than 15 changes in covers with very slight changes in the assortment to meet the changing tastes.

Moirs Limited is constantly on the lookout for new products and ingredients, and is currently planning an aggressive campaign to make the company name as well known in the ten-cent bar field as in package chocolates.

Although Moirs products are manufactured only in Halifax, the company has air-conditioned warehouses in Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg and Vancouver, and from these points the products are distributed across Canada.

The company's officers are F. M. Covert, President, W. H. Jack, General Manager, F. T. Barter, Vice President Marketing, and C. H. Ivey, Assistant General Manager, Secretary and Treasurer.