Digital Preservation

Digital preservation ensures the ongoing management of digital resources over time with a view to retaining their intellectual content, authenticity, and accessibility for a variety of uses. For universities, these include the protection of institutional memory, and the ongoing vitality of research and scholarship. Digital preservation encompasses information resources of all types and formats, which may be created in, or converted to, digital form.

General Discussions and Resources

Why Digital Preservation is Important for Everyone

This video explains the importance and complexity of digital preservation. 

Safeguarding Collections at the Dawn of the 21st Century

This Association of Research Libraries report deals with preservation activities in research libraries, focusing on digital curation and preservation.

Sustainable Economics for a Digital Planet: Ensuring Long-Term Access to Digital Information

This report addresses issues arising from digital preservation and identifies possible actions to ensure long-term access to digital materials. 

Resources for Digital Curators

The Digital Curation Centre in the U.K. has created this list to help digital curators stay abreast of new and relevant resources. 

Preservation and Ongoing Access Services

LOCKSS (Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe)

This initiative provides libraries with tools to collect, preserve, and provide long-term access to authorized electronic content.  LOCKSS is based at Stanford University Libraries. 


This initiative aims to build a sustainable, geographically distributed dark archive to ensure the long-term preservation of Web-based scholarly publications.


Portico preserves scholarly literature published in electronic form and ensures that these materials remain accessible to future scholars, researchers, and students.

National Strategies in Canada

Canadian Digital Information Strategy

This draft strategy, prepared by Library and Archives Canada in 2007, proposes a framework for the creation, management, and preservation of Canadian digital information for present and future needs.

Research Data Strategy

This is a multi-disciplinary initiative that addresses the issues regarding the access and preservation of data arising from Canadian research.


This is is a data delivery system developed for use within the Canadian academic community.  It provides access to Statistics Canada Data Liberation Initiative (DLI) data and other geospatial and data products.

<odesi> (Ontario Data Documentation, Extraction Service, and Infrastructure Initiative)

This is an online exploration, extraction, and analysis tool for Social Science data.