User Participation Lab

User Participation Lab

What is the User Participation Lab?

The User Participation Lab is our hub for collaborating with our diverse community of library users. Our goal is to involve students, faculty, and visitors in the testing and design of Western Libraries services and spaces. Talking to you about your experiences helps us ensure that the libraries are useful, accessible, and user-friendly for all. 

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Make your voice heard by joining the User Participation Lab. When you join we’ll notify you of new opportunities to provide us with your feedback and test our services and spaces.

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Current projects

  • The Accessibility Testing Initiative is designed to improve the accessibility of our services and spaces. By collaborating with library users with disabilities, we’re  identifying important steps we can take to make our libraries more accessible for all.

Contact us if you are interested in participating.

Lab results

You've already taught us a lot about how you use our libraries. Check out our findings from our past user testing sessions.

  • The UX Café is a pop-up library event where library users provide feedback on various library services and tools. The feedback we collect in these testing sessions guides us in making quick and impactful changes to the libraries.