Western Libraries in the Classroom

Overview of Teaching Initiatives

Instruction is integral to the services offered in each of Western Libraries' locations. Here is a brief synopsis of some of the activities that each library undertakes along with contact information if you have any questions or want additional information.

Archives and Research Collections Centre
C.B. "Bud" Johnston Library
Education Library
John & Dotsa Bitove Family Law Library
Map and Data Centre
Music Library
Allyn & Betty Taylor Library
The D.B. Weldon Library

Archives and Research Collections Centre

Contact: Tom Belton

Instruction reflecting course subject content and assignment requirements is provided to faculty and undergraduate and graduate students by staff of Western Archives. This instruction is geared to the specific resources held by the University Archives, The J.J. Talman Regional Collection and The James Alexander and Ellen Rea Benson Special Collections. Archives staff participate in Western Libraries orientation tours and offer special instructional sessions based on holdings to other campus groups and alumni.

With special authorization, resource tours are offered also to off-campus organizations and associations, such as historical and genealogical societies, and to community groups whose members are interested in or make research use of the holdings of the Archives.

C.B. "Bud" Johnston Library

Contact: Alie Visser

The Business Library staff is pleased to offer instruction relating to the numerous electronic resources that are of use to those interested in the broad fields of business and management. Individual or group sessions to cover various topics, and/or demonstrations of specific electronic databases can be arranged by contacting buslib@ivey.uwo.ca.

Education Library

Contact: Denise Horoky

The staff of the Education Library is always willing to offer instruction on how to efficiently and effectively search the Education-related databases and electronic resources, and to promote the many useful services provided by Western Libraries. We provide class or individual tours, interactive sessions, computer lab demonstrations, and one-on-one consultation appointments

John & Dotsa Bitove Family Law Library

Contact: John Sadler

Law Library staff coordinate and deliver legal research instruction to law and non-law students through a variety of means, ranging from one-on-one consultations to large group lectures. All first-year juris doctor (J.D.) students take a required course, Legal Research, Writing and Advocacy, which incorporates library orientation sessions, hands-on computer lab instruction and presentations on legal research resources and techniques. Similarly, all graduate law students enrol in Guided Study and Research Methodology which features a legal research component. Law Librarians are regularly invited to guest lecture on specialized research resources in upper year substantive law courses such as Public International Law. Classes and orientation sessions on legal research are also offered from time to time to students outside the law school, including those in library science and public administration.

Map and Data Centre

Contact: wlmadlib@uwo.ca

Map and Data Centre staff are available for in-class instruction. This includes topics tailored to the class needs, such as the location and identification of print/digital map and data sources, and the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and geospatial data. Print maps, atlases, and air photos from the Map and Data Centre collection can be used as components in a  course lab. Through consultation with Map and Data Centre staff, class labs can be left out in our area for instructional purposes. Statistical and geospatial data sets can be extracted from our collections for use in class assignments as well.

We also provide ad hoc instruction and assistance to individuals or groups who visit the Map and Data Centre in person. Please schedule tours for groups of four persons or more with the Centre staff in advance.

Music Library

Contact: Lisa Rae Philpott

The Music Library staff is pleased to assist its users in their search for printed music (i.e. scores), recorded music (CDs and LPs), song translations and a wide variety of music-related print and online materials. Given the international nature of music - and the impact of foreign-languages on title-searching - much instruction is "one-on-one": every interaction is an instructional-opportunity.

Group and individual tours are available, as are classroom and masterclass instruction sessions designed to: feature music-related online resources; provide an introduction to the Music Library; or to familiarize a particular teacher's studio with the available resources for that instrument. Online instruction is a new addition to our 'repertoire'; online versions of our printed pathfinders may be found at www.lib.uwo.ca/music/ under the heading "HOW DO I..."

Allyn & Betty Taylor Library

Contact: Debbie Meert-Williston

The Allyn & Betty Taylor Library staff provide instruction for the faculties of Engineering, Health Science, Medicine and Dentistry and Science. Sessions facilitated by library staff give students opportunities to learn how to define their information need, obtain information efficiently, critically evaluate it, selectively incorporate new information into their knowledge base and effectively and responsibly use it.

Instruction takes place in settings that range from large classes to small tutorial groups to one-to-one instruction sessions and takes a variety of forms, from interactive lectures to hands-on workshops to online tutorials. For more information check the Taylor library website.

The D. B. Weldon Library

Contact: Bruce Fyfe

The D.B. Weldon Library offers instructional services for the Faculties of Arts & Humanities, Information & Media Studies, and Social Science, with an aim to:

  • enable students to effectively integrate Western Libraries research resources into coursework
  • promote an understanding of how information is created, stored, retrieved, and applied in the context of academic research
Our librarians are motivated to develop library instruction that is relevant to today's academic environment and encourages the development of critical thinking skills. We offer instruction in various formats to students at all levels, from assignment-based programs for first year students to graduate sessions focusing on the intricacies of seeking subject-specific information. We would be pleased to work with you to develop suitable instruction for your group.

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