Western University Archives Tour

Description of video:

Enter the Schweitzer Gallery at the Archives and Research Collections Centre.

Someone is viewing the “Winter Wishes from Western Archives” exhibit.

Camera enters the Reading Room.

Patron is registering at the desk, with help from staff.

Camera walks past collection of recent acquisitions on the left.

Staff member is looking at items in a box from the Donald Hair fonds.

Staff member is viewing negatives at the light table.

Staff member is pulling out a City of London Fire Insurance Plan dated 1915.

Staff member is on the order picker in the High Density Module, pulling a box off the shelf.

Staff member is kneeling down, pulling a book off the lower shelf. There is a pile of Western University Occidentalia yearbooks behind him on the counter.

Camera looks over the room. Staff member is looking in a box. Staff member is working at the light table. Staff member is pulling out a book.

Staff member is viewing some comics from the Dr. Eddy Smet Collection.

Staff member is opening the door to the staff processing area, and pulling a trolley with books.

Staff member is viewing microfilm on the View Scan II.

Camera is back at the Reading Room desk. Patron is registering.

Camera returns to the Schweitzer Gallery, walking past the Kingsmills exhibit.

Camera exits the Archives.

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