Finding Books and ebooks

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Script and image explanations of Finding Books:

­­­Western Libraries Finding Books & Ebooks

            Picture of book and stars

Navigating Module    

Finding Books and Ebooks

Finding books and ebooks

Search Box on Library Homepage

Image of the search box on the library homepage with the following search embedded: sociology* AND crim* AND (“white collar” OR fraud OR banking)

Search Box on Library Homepage

Screen Shots:

The following search: sociology AND crim* AND (“white collar* OR fraud OR banking) with the results listed

New results displayed with limits applied

Results showing items selected

Catalogue record for Choosing white-collar crime/ Neal Shover, Andy Hochstetler

Voice description:

Search results are often very large, however on the left hand side you can limit your results. So we can just look at books and we can also apply a date limit to the year 2000. As you review your results on the right hand side you can add items to a folder. This folder can be visited at a later date and emailed or printed. As you review your results, if you want to have a closer look at the item , clicking the title will bring you to the catalogue record. The catalogue record will tell you where the item is located. This item is located electronically. Also if you click DBW stack you will find that HV sits on the fourth floor.

Library Catalogue

Image of Western Libraries homepage with the purple catalogue button circled and the Catalogue Search link, below the search box, circled

Library Catalogue

Screen shot of the Classic Search screen with Keyword tab circled

Following keywords found in each of the fields: sociology, crim*, “white collar” OR fraud OR banking

Finding books and ebooks via Library Catalogue

Screen shots:

 Search results from the Classic Search

Catalogue record for Crime and the economy/ Richard Rosenfeld, Steven F. Messner

Voice description:

After clicking search you will be brought to your search results. Items will be ranked by date order so you often need to browse down to relevant results. Clicking the title will bring you to the catalogue record to find the location of that item.

Reading a Catalogue Record

Screen Shots:

Catalogue record for Crime and the economy / Richard Rosenfeld, Steven F. Messner

Voice description:

A catalogue record provides you with a call number and location of the book but it also provides you often with a table of contents a summary and assigned subjects for that particular book. So if it is a book of value for your research, clicking on one of the subject headings, for example Crime – economic aspects will lead you to other items.

Requesting a book

Screen Shots:

Catalogue Record “Asylum seeking and the global city”

Login screen for Requesting an item

Request form with Weldon Library Service Desk

Final screen showing that item has been requested and the Pickup location is Weldon Library Service Desk

Voice description:

Clicking the Request Item button allows you to bring a book from another library. Log in with your email name and password and click submit. From the drop down select the library to which you want the book brought. The DB Weldon Service desk will ask that the book be brought to that library.  After clicking submit and then finally the Request Selected Item button your request is submitted.



            SUBMIT BUTTON

  1. Select all the places you can search to find books:
    Clipboard with the following categories: Catalogue, Sociological Abstracts and Search Box on the Library Home Page

Correct answer: Catalogue and Search Box on the Library Home Page

            Pop up box: Correct: That’s right! You selected the correct response.


  1. What Do you click to find the location of a book in Weldon?

Correct Answer: DBW STACK is dragged and dropped into the box at the top


            Pop up box: Correct: That’s right! You selected the correct response.

Results Screen