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While searching in a database, I found a terrific article! How do I get the full text of the article?

You can get your full text through the Get It @ Western button or by clicking the pdf link.

If the journal is available, you should be able to get the full article.

But sometimes I click the Get It @ Western button, this comes up!

Well, in some cases, the library may not have an online subscription but might have the journal in print!

Or sometimes the Get It @ Western button doesn’t work!

It’s always a good idea to double check in the catalogue to see if we have the journal!

[Journal of Rehabilitation]

Sometimes we might only have partial access to the journal, so check to see if we have the year you are looking for!

Just ‘ASK’ if you need help!

So, if you have doubled check in the catalogue and we really don’t the journal with the article you need then...

...you can get you article through Interlibrary Loans RACER!

Contact us for more assistance