How to Find Western Theses and Dissertations

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Have you ever wanted to locate a dissertation written by a particular author in the University of Western Ontario, or wanted to find dissertations from a certain department  to use as a template for formatting your own thesis?

To find electronic and print dissertations written by Western students, do a simple keyword search in the shared library catalogue. [We have a new Western Libraries website. Go to the catalogue button on the main navigation bar and do a keyword search.]

You can also add the department name or subject area in which you are interested.

Remember that on the search result page, you can sort your results by date.

This search will give you dissertations written by authors affiliated with the Department of Physics at Western.

Since some department names have changed over time, you can click on the Subject Field of a dissertation's catalogue record to see other related subjects such as Department of Physics and Astronomy or Department of Astronomy.

If you want to find dissertations written by a particular author, run a keyword search like dissertations academic uwo John Smith

More recently published dissertations are available electronically. Many older dissertations are available only in print. These can be retrieved from storage and delivered to any library on campus using the “Request Item” button.

Western University's institutional repository, Scholarship@Western, [The Scholarship@Western website has changed.] contains most of the doctoral dissertations published since 2010 and masters these published since 2011. From the Scholarship@Western page find the link to Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository [link on the sidebar of new page] and search for the dissertation by author, or title, or browse recent dissertations. 

For more help finding theses and dissertations, contact the library.

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