MLA 8th Edition: Numerals

MLA suggests spelling out numbers that can be written in one or two words.

If the number is longer than one or two words, use numerals.

If your paper requires frequent use of numbers, simply use numerals for all the numbers, especially for those preceding technical units of measurement.

However, when a number falls at the beginning of a sentence, always either spell it out in letters, or revise the sentence to place the number elsewhere.

When using numerals to signify a sum, commas are placed between the third and fourth digits from the right, the sixth and seventh digits from the right, and so on.

Commas are not used in page numbers, street addresses, or four-digit years.

When listing a range of numbers, give the second number in full for numbers up to ninety-nine.

For larger numbers, give only the last two digits of the second number, unless it’s necessary for clarity.

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