My Library Account: View and Renew Your Books

Script of video:

Are you fed up with...

...never knowing when you books are due?

...not sure what books you have signed out?

Do you know about My Library Account?

You can see what you have signed out and...

...renew them before they are overdue! TA DAH!

Go to

Login [with your] username and password

View what you have signed out. Click the button [Items checked out] and see when your books are due.

You can renew all or renew selected items.

[The following item(s) will be renewed, would you like to proceed?]

Click 'Yes'!

Check you new due date!

[DUE December 21, 2016 Renewed 3 times]

FYI you can renew 3 times online!

There is so much more you can do in My Library Account!

Stay tuned!

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