Tour of the D.B. Weldon Library

Script of video:

The D.B. Weldon Library belongs to a group of libraries known as Western Libraries at Western University.

The Weldon Library supports the Faculties of Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences, and Information & Media Studies.

As you enter the Weldon Library, you will see a map and floorplan to help orient you to the library. There are five floors in the building. The first floor offers many different services.

Just beyond the entrance is the service desk where you will find friendly library staff.  The front of the Service Desk, Circulation, is where you can sign out books.   
Here you can also pick up items requested from other libraries.

If you want to skip the line at the Circulation Desk, try signing out your books using one of the nearby Self-Checkout machines.

On the other side of the Service Desk you will find Research Help. [Note: ask for assistance at the Service Desk when Research Help is not staffed.] Here we can help you find materials to support your papers and assignments.  

Research Help is available in person, by phone or email, and also via live chat. [Note: for in person Research Help, if no one is at the Research Help desk, ask at the Service Desk.] Visit the Western Libraries homepage for more information on how to reach us.

To return your books, please place them in the Book Return, located on the main floor near the elevators.
After hours you can drop your books in the outdoor book return, located near the entrance.

Some library materials do not circulate, but we have copiers & scanners as well as printers available on the main floor.

To pay for printing and copying, add funds to your PaperCut balance using a credit card online, or purchase a voucher at the Service Desk using your debit card or cash.
Printing is available from any workstation in the library, and even from your own laptop or mobile device.

Follow the Course Reserves [Course Readings] link [tab] on the Western Libraries homepage to see if your instructor has placed any items on reserve for your course.  The loan periods for these books are 1 or 3 days.    

Some high demand material will have a 2 hour loan period; these items are found at the Circulation Desk.

When looking for literature to support your research, use a computer located in the Reference Hall, or login to the wireless network.   
Whether you are looking for a place that is silent, or something a bit more casual where you can meet with friends or study groups, the library offers space for everyone.

We have Learning Zones for specific types of activities. Refer to the map at the library entrance to guide you to these areas.

Contact us for more assistance