Western Libraries Homepage Search Engine

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There’s a search box on the Western Libraries homepage labelled “Articles, Books and more…”.  

What does it do?  Well, it searches a broad range of information resources across all subject areas.

Search results are displayed in order of relevance.

Each search result is a reference that includes details of the item, such as a book’s location and call number,
or a link to a journal article’s full text.

You will often get a very large number of search results, but don’t panic!

You can reduce the number of search result using the filters on the left of the screen under “REFINE YOUR SEARCH”. The most helpful filters are Peer-Review(ed) (or Scholarly), Subject Terms and Publication Date.

Although the homepage search engine may be a good place to start, you may not want to stop here.

Once you refine your search results, you will see links to recommended subject-specific databases.

These can help you run a more comprehensive search on your topic.

What is included in your results?

You’ll see references to physical items – meaning books, journals, DVDs, music recordings, et cetera – that are in one of the 8 Western Libraries locations.

You’ll see references to articles in online journals, conference proceedings, government publications, and other sources.

Why or when should you use this search engine?

If you don’t know where to look for items on your topic, it can give you relevant results, and it will give you ideas for new search terms as well.

It often provides links to the full-text of journal articles, if Western Libraries subscribes to the journal.

Find out by searching for “the journal article title” in double quotes.

Sometimes it is better to search in the Library Catalogue. Use the catalogue:

to search for the title of a specific item such as a book, video or music score; or

to find out which volumes of a specific journal or magazine the library has access to; or

to check if the item is in the library.

You may also want to consult the subject-specific library research guide for your topic,

or make an appointment with a Librarian.

For more assistance, visit the library or Ask a Librarian!

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