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 The 3Cs

43 years
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May 15  - June 5, 2017

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us these last 43 years.

Since 1974 Weldon Library has been reading complaints, criticisms and compliments about the D B Weldon Library and we kept them all.

We have received 3C's about Food and Smoking in the Library; Neah and Yeah, about temperature in the Library; too Hot or too Cold, about Students who are too noisy or how it is just too quiet in the Library and so much more.

Staff have had a lot of interest in reading and responding to these 3Cs.
Many comments are funny and the responses even funnier.

Thank you to Western Archivist Anne Daniel who had the idea
of creating an exhibit of the 3C's

Thank you to Western Archives for the loan of the materials

Acknowledgment to Rob Turner for his graphics

 If you wish to contribute an exhibit in the Interior Display cases or, have suggestions for display topics please send an email to The D. B. Weldon Library.


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