Past Displays

March 4 - 29 History of WWII in Asia
February 1 - 28 Meeting Ben Portis: An Introduction to the Portis Archives
January 5 - 30 "From Library of Kings to Western University: The Extraordinary Journey of the Toulouse-Philidor Collection"
December Christmas in Wartime
November 1 - 15 Advanced Studies in the Arts & Humanities: "What Your SASAH?" and Other Questions
September 1 - October 15 Western Libraries' 100th Anniversary
May 11th  French dept celebration - DBW Atrium - Genevieve De Viveiros
April - May Celebrating 50 yrs of French Studies Language, Literature & Linguistics (QRcodes)
March Different Types of Art - Medias Kayleen Tosello 3rd yr Honors Art Student
March Literary Networks during the 19th century France & Canada - Genevieve De Viveiros
February 25 - March 3 Freedom to Read week - Intellectural Freedom - showing next to Spencer Gallery
February  5th Annual Study Abroad  2017 Photo Contest - Modern Languages dept
January - February 18th Century Illustred Books - Kristin Hoffman & Servanne Woodward
January The Theatre of Asia in World War II - ALPHA
December Canada 150 WWI and WWII - Prof. Jonathan F. Vance
November They Are Not Here / SASHA / arranged by Prof Laurence De Looze
October Mozart and Modernism / Briam McMillian Dir. Music Library
October - November Banting's Halloween Hypothesis / Aaron Bengal
September - October Dr. Richard Maurice Bucke Adam Lauder / Arranged by Anne Daniel & Laura Collishaw : Concurrent with - McIntosh “Futurism”
September Science Literacy Week : Celebration of science in Canada September 18-24, 2017 Monica Fazekas / Arranged by Laura Collishaw
July - September Celebrating Canada 150+: Select current Canadian historic collections and current acquisitions at The D. B. Weldon Library
May - June 3c's : Introduced 43 Years Ago in 1974 / Compliments / Complaints / Comments
March - April Ink AND Spit: Dr Allen K. Philbrick  McIntosh Gallery
February Black History Month / African Art / McIntosh Gallery
January 4th Annual Study Abroad 2016 Photo Contest
Dept of Modern Languages & Literatures
December Christmas in Wartime postcards
November  1 - 15 Zines and Artists' Multiples
November 1 - 30 November is National Diabetes Awareness Month / Aaron Bengall
October 25- November 4 Wordsfest - London Ontario
October 4 - 28 Asian & WW II Adrian Zee ALPHA new UWO club
September 23 - 30 Beatles
September 19 - 27 Science Literacy Week
September 16 - October 17 Preserving Culture through Library Collections: Bernardin de Saint-Pierre's Paul et Virginie
September 1 - 22 Welcome To Western
August J P Metras Museum
June Water Now / SASAH Gabriela Solti
April Late Ontario author/clairvoyant Vera McNichol
March 3rd annual Department of Modern Language & Literature Photo Contest Exhibit
January - February African Art / Celebration of Black History
December WW1 and WW2 Christmas Greeting Postcards
November 16 - 30 Commemoration of the Holodomor Famine & Genocide / Liz Mantz
October 1 - 27 Canada's federal election, 2015 the 42nd general election October 19, 2015
August - September Welcome to Western: Highlighting our  Services
May Janice Gurney All the Spaces Translations of Marcus Aurelius
/ correlating with McIntosh Gallery
April Alex Stelmacovich - Photographer
March The Department of Modern Language Photo Contest
January - February Dictatorship and Democracy in the Age of Extremes
January 12 Germany Day
December Christmas in Wartime Post Cards
November 18 - 30 Annual commemoration of the Holodomor Famine and Genocide
October - November 17 NAVSA conference 19th Century Victorian Classes and Classification
June - August Presenting! The Beatles 50 years Anniversary
April 6 - 30 Barbara Astman I as artifact Part 2
February 15 - March 30 Dutch Master Painters in the 17th Century - The Golden Age
January - February 12 Alice Munroe Canadian Author and winner of the Nobel Prize In Literature 2013
December Christmas in Wartime Post Cards
September 15 - November 15 History of the Book and Displays of 18th Century Publications
July - August Welcome Map & Data Center
May - June Susan Gold, Decorating the End of the World
May London Hosiery, Concurrent with Spencer Gallery
April Berger collection of Inuit Art
February February Events / Holidays
December Christmas in wartime
November - December Arts of Pilgrimage Dr. Kathryn Brush
November 16 - 28 Holdomor Ukrainian Famine/Genocide 1932-1933
June - October The D.B.Weldon Library 40 years
May - June Join Us! Celebrate The D.B.Weldon Library 40th
March 2012 Talman Lecture by Dr. Cecilia Morgan
February Charles Dickens 200th Anniversary
January Calendars
December Christmas in Wartime
November Holodomar
October Library Buildings, a History in Postcards
October The History of The D. B. Weldon Library
August - September Welcome to Weldon Library
April - July Quilts as Material Culture
March Objects from the UWO Medical Artifact Collection
January Margaret Atwood
December WWI and WWII Christmas Cards
November Don't Kill the Messenger
Fall Holodomor: The Ukrainian Famine/Genocide 1932-1933
Summer From Peaceful Revolution to Germany Unity
April - June Mapping Medievalism at the Canadian Frontier
March - April 1st Hussars Regiment
March Collaborative Graduate Program in Migration and Ethnic Relations
February The Age of Dissent
The Youth: A history of a fake band from 1982 - 1985
January Vancouver 2010 Olympics and Paralympic Games & the International Center for Olympic Studies
NiCHE (Network in Canadian History & Environment), PCLC (Population Change and Lifecourse), NSB (Network for Business Sustainability
December WWI and WWII Christmas Cards
November Margaret Atwood's 70th Birthday and Research
October National Conference on Health over the Life Course
September Learning and Food Zones
July - August Forgotten Books / Hidden Gems
April Poetry
March Refworks / Citation month
February Psychology Month
February Food in the Library
December The Beatles
November Life Cycle of an Article
July 13th International Mikhail Bakhtin Conference
June Hispanic Baroque Period - Juan Luis Suarez
September - October NeoMedievalisms
November Western's War Memorials
October 50th Anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution
October 100th Anniversary of the UWO Gazette
September Shared Service Desk Plans for Weldon Library
June Electronic Books at Western Libraries
September Hurricane Katrina
June National Aboriginal Day
May Ad Fontes, UWO Congress
March - April Pope John Paul II, In Memoriam
March - April The Jewish Immigrant Experience in Amercia
February Poetics and Public Culture
January Tsunami
January Western Reads
December Pierre Berton, In Memoriam
November Portuguese Culture
September - October Save Our Books - a SOB Story
May - August Quilts as Art
March - April Milton Collection
February Black History month - African Art
January Western Reads
November - December Damaged Books
September Ludwig Wittgenstein
May - April Genealogy
March - April Victorian Poetry
February Irish History
December Archives and Research Collection Centre (ARCC)
November Remembrance Day