Information for High School Teachers

Due to limited facilities and staffing, it has become increasingly difficult to accommodate the needs of groups without causing inconvenience to Western students.

As a result, we are unable to provide tours or instruction sessions for groups outside the Western community.

You and your students are welcome to visit Weldon and to make use of our public facilities.

Before You Come to Weldon

There are several things you can do from your own location to help your students become familiar with library resources and search skills.

  • The Western Libraries Catalogue is available to anyone on the Internet at any time. Use it to demonstrate what information can be obtained from a library catalogue and to discover the types of materials that can be found in a University Library.
  • The D.B. Weldon Library offers online research tutorials that cover some basics of library research that might be helpful for your students.
  • Find out what resources and databases are available to you through your School Board.
  • Make use of your school's Teacher-Librarian to assist in teaching research skills.
  • Find out what databases and programs are available through your local Public Library. Many of these resources may also be available online, accessible from your computer lab.
  • Search Google for other useful web sites on Information Literacy. For instance, the U.S. Library of Congress has an excellent page that explains how to read call numbers in an academic library.
  • Take a virtual tour of The D.B. Weldon Library.

Using the Resources of The D.B. Weldon Library

Finding Resources on a Topic

Through our Research Guides web pages, students can get access to the most important sources of background information for their topics. Often a thorough encyclopedia entry can provide invaluable information to a student beginning research on an unfamiliar topic.

The Library Catalogue allows students to find books by keyword, title or author. A guide to location codes in The D.B. Weldon Library is available.

Research Assistance

Research assistance is available Monday - Friday and weekends. See Weldon's library hours for specific times. The needs of Western students, faculty and staff take priority, so students may be asked to wait for assistance.

Computer Access

There are 6 Guest Computers in the Reference Hall. Login is not required to use our Shared Library Catalogue. Guest access to the interent is provided thorough a temporary username and password, available from the service desk on the presentation of valid photo I.D. (e.g drivers license). This guest pass is valid for the day in any of our Western Libraries.

Photocopying / Printing

Photocopying/Printing is available in the library. Guests must set up a PaperCut account. Instructions for printing from a guest computer are also available.