Current Show

Mappa - Canadian Embroiderers' Guild, London

November - December 2018

Sample from the Canadian Embroiderer's Guild, London

This exhibit grew out of one class with member Mary Veenman, and a 3 day workshop with B.C. textile artist Bettina Matzkuhn. Using maps as our inspiration we have taken different places that have meaning for us such as where we grew up, where our families spent vacations and where we went to school. Different techniques were used such as, hand embroidery, machine embroidery, quilting, painting with acrylics, and watercolours.

The Canadian Embroiderers' Guild, London is a vibrant and talented group of textile artists about 150 strong. We have been meeting for classes, workshops, outreach projects, fun and friendship for over 45 years. It began as a group of like-minded women who wanted to share a creative and supportive environment focusing on their love of stitching and textile art. Over the years, the guild has grown and evolved into a strong presence in London's creative community. We are a teaching guild using primarily inside talent as teachers. Our spectrum of interest is very broad and ranges from traditional embroidery to cutting edge fibre art.