Current Show

Bambino's Out - Armin Farhang-pour

March 2 - April 25, 2020

ArminBambino's Out in an exhibit showcasing Armin's work during his undergraduate studies. The name of the exhibition alludes to his growth from an infancy stage of art to hist current status. The word "Bambino" also has a personal meaning to Armin which he would rather not share.

Armin derives his inspiration from artists like Wes Anderson, Leonardo Davinci, Andy Warhol, Micheal Sidofsky, and Lina Tesch. In his photographic work, he aims to capture unique, impactful images. In his artistic work, he aims to merge different styles and references into his artistic work. At the exhibit, you can find Crying Cyrus, which is a small glimpse of Persian culture, history, and politics. You may also find Souvenir From Love; it is an amalgam of Andy Warhol’s Campbell Soup with Michelle Angelo's Creation of Adam. Both pieces contain references to the artist's personal life and events.

One of the things that drew Armin to photography is the community nature of it. The interest in photography and the power of social media has allowed him to meet and collaborate with talents across the globe. Whether it be meeting one of his photographer idols from Instagram by coincidence in a snowy night in Toronto or confusing The University of Western Australia with the University of Western Ontario and as a result meeting Josh, a talented portrait Photography in Perth Australia. He recognizes the beauty of collaboration and that is why Armin reaches out to the Western community for models and photographers through Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit. All pieces presented in Bambino's Out have incredible stories behind them.

Art has been with Armin every since he was a child. He has always pursued it one way or another along with his science studies; whether it be through painting, music, or photography. It has helped him through depressive times in his life. After 4 years of Scientific studies, he has realized that his passion for art and photography outweighs that of his science. He plans on pursuing this field further after his graduation.