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 The Music Library holds several significant and unique Special Collections which are ordinarily housed in the Gustav Mahler - Alfred Rosé Room.

The Choral / Band / Orchestral Library (T.C. 134) houses sets of performance materials for choirs and large ensembles.

The Music Library's collections are integral to the success of the programs offered by the Don Wright Faculty of Music. As the Music Library is ideally-situated in close proximity to the Faculty of Music, our students and faculty are regular and enthusiastic borrowers; Music Faculty tend to use their library more than the faculty members of other disciplines.

The Music Library’s outstanding general collection includes

and serves a wide range of student and faculty musical interests in the areas of:

Recent roof-repairs and impending renovations (2015-2016) have necessitated the move of ALL of our rare materials to the University Archives & Research Collections Centre for safekeeping.  Please allow sufficient time for retrievals/consultation of these materials - Music Library Staff (only) can request rare materials (designated  ARCC Music-Lib use only) on your behalf.


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