The D.B. Weldon Library Hours

No-contact Pick Up Instructions

For no-contact pickup items at The D.B. Weldon Library:

  1. No-contact pickup is located on the east side of Weldon Library. From the main entrance, walk around the east side of Weldon to Renaissance Square. Look for Argo Tea window signage and an entrance labelled Door A.
  2. Line up outside Door A. Please observe safe physical distancing, i.e. 6 feet apart.
  3. Have your Western ID ready.
  4. Call 226-378-9863 and provide your Western ID number.
  5. We will confirm your account details and check the item(s) out to you.
  6. We will verify your Western ID from behind the glass door.
  7. We will place your item(s) on the pickup table.
  8. You may pick up your item(s) when library staff have returned inside the building.

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