Western Libraries

Library Accessibility

Western Libraries strives to provide a welcoming and comfortable environment for all library users to engage in research and scholarship. To enhance accessibility of our library locations for persons with disabilities, we offer the following facilities and services.

In the event you require more information about Library Accessibility please contact Monica Fazekas.

Library Facilities

Assistive Technology

Alternative Format Texts

Reference Services

Retrieval and Photocopying of Material

Library Facilities

All library locations are accessible to persons in wheelchairs. See the campus accessibility map for detailed location information including the location of accessible parking and exterior automated door openers: http://www.accessibility.uwo.ca/resources/maps/maps.html

Wheelchair accessible elevators are available in all library locations with the exception of the Education Library. Please ask for assistance from staff at the Service Desk in this location.

Barrier free washrooms are accessible in The D.B. Weldon Library on the main, ground and second floors. Please note that patrons of the Archives and Research Collection Centre, which is attached to the Weldon Library, should make use of barrier free washroom facilities in Weldon. Wheelchair accessible washrooms are available at all other Western Libraries locations.

An exterior book drop is available outside the Education Library entrance. This book drop is open when the library is closed and is located outside the doors facing the rear north parking lot (facing Sarnia Road).

Assistive Technology and Accessible Workstations/Specialty Software

Assistive technology/accessible personal computers and supporting software is available in all library locations.

C.B. Bud Johnston Library (Business)

Education Library

John and Dotsa Bitove Family Law Library

Music Library

Allyn & Betty Taylor Library

The D.B. Weldon Library

Western Libraries is pleased to partner with Services for Students with Disabilities to provide The Learning Opportunities Lab and the Linda and Walter Zimmerman Access Lab. Both are located in The D.B. Weldon Library. For information on these labs including eligibility, technologies available and how to gain instruction in their use please visit the Services for Students with Disabilities website.

Alternative Format Texts

Alternative format text (e.g. digital versions of print material) is available to students, staff and faculty who have difficulty working with print material for disability-related reasons.

Course Textbooks and Course Packs

Students who require digital or Braille versions of textbooks or course packs that are purchased through The Bookstore at Western should request these from Services for Students with Disabilities as soon as possible after they have selected their courses.  For more information about alternative format textbooks and other services for students, please visit the Services for Students with Disabilities website.

Western Libraries Material

Students who require library material in an alternative format should request a token (a unique password) from Services for Students with Disabilities.  This token will allow them to search the Accessible Content E-Portal (ACE Portal).  ACE Portal is a repository of library books that have been digitized and made available in accessible formats.  More information about ACE Portal.  

If the Western Libraries material that is needed is not available in ACE Portal, students are asked to submit an online request form , or you may print a request form and return it to any Western Libraries Service Desk.

Reference Services

For research assistance please contact the Service Desk of any library location.

Persons seeking individualized reference assistance may also contact the Monica Fazekas for an appointment to discuss their research needs.

Retrieval and Photocopying Material

For assistance with the retrieval and/or photocopying of material please contact the Service Desk of any library location. Call number information for each item will be required and in the case of journal articles volume, issue and page numbers. Regular photocopying charges apply: 10 ¢ per page with a Graphic Services debit card, and 15 ¢ per page cash. Please note that additional charges may apply for photocopying of rare or archival materials located in the Archives and Research Collections Centre.

While staff will try to accommodate requests as they are made provision of materials may be dependent on the availability of staff resources.