Computer and Internet Acceptable Use Policy

This acceptable use policy governs access to the Internet, including various electronic database products accessible via the Western Libraries' Web site, within Western Libraries. As a user of these products you are responsible for reading and understanding this document in conjunction with The University of Western Ontario Western Technology Services Appropriate Use of Computing and Network Facilities policy. Failure to use the Internet or electronic database products as outlined below may result in Libraries' privileges being revoked.

  1. Existing Canadian laws of copyright, privacy and decency govern access to and use of information on the Internet. Use of the Internet to access or transmit material that would violate any applicable law or regulation is prohibited.
  2. Access to the Internet is provided to assist Western Libraries in fulfilling its mission of supporting the teaching and research programs of The University of Western Ontario. Use of the Internet for commercial purposes is prohibited.
  3. Although Western Libraries supports intellectual freedom and freedom of access to all legally available information, there may be material on the Internet that is not appropriate for display in a public place. Users may be required to cease displaying material if it is offensive to other Libraries' patrons or staff.
  4. Western Libraries reserves the right to grant priority to primary users engaged in academic computing activities.
  5. Tampering or attempting to tamper with computer hardware or software is prohibited.

Disclaimer - Western Libraries does not in any way take responsibility for the content, accuracy or timeliness of information found on the Internet.

The above policy has been created in accord with section 4.2 of Western Libraries' Access Code:

4.2 Access to electronic resources:

The catalogue of Western Libraries is freely available electronically as are many of the guides, policy statements and publications produced by the Libraries. Where possible, Western Libraries allows access to some workstations and unrestricted databases and to those electronic resources which are available free to the public. Library workstations are provided primarily, however, to access information in support of the University's teaching and research and to enhance scholarly communication. Priority is given to academic use. Western Libraries complies with the campus policy for the use of computing resources and corporate data.

Electronic databases for which Western Libraries or other units within the University pay subscription fees are generally restricted to immediate members of the University community. Licensing constraints applied by the vendors typically limit access to currently employed faculty and staff and currently enrolled students, and use of the databases is intended for academic purposes exclusively. Economic constraints or vendor requirements may limit the use of some databases to students and faculty in a particular academic department or professional discipline. Access is also not permitted to non-University users accessing Western Libraries remotely.

For further information on access to Western Libraries' materials and resources, see the Access Code.