Learning and Food Zones

Learning Zones: allow you to choose the best study area for your needs, while minimizing disturbance to others.

Zone Expectations Benefits Cautions
Silent Study Zone Silence - no talking; cell phones set to vibrate, music with headphones Silent area for concentration - studying, problem solving, and other complex work Noise is not tolerated

Quite Study Zone Quiet group study in small groups; cell phones set to vibrate, music with headphones Work productively in the presence of others with some noise and distraction Low-volume conversation is fine, but no loud noise, music, socializing, or rowdiness

Conversation Friendly Zone Interact with friends and classmates; cell phone use, music with headphones Socialize with minimal disturbance or disruption to others who are working Talking is fine, but no loud noise or rowdiness

Food Zones: protect valuable library collections.

Zone Expectations Benefits Cautions
Eating Zone Consumption of food and lidded drinks permitted Provides an area for eating while studying Eating is fine, but please tidy up when you're done

No Food Zone Consumption of food not permitted; lidded beverages only Provides a clean environment for research and study Zero tolerance for food; please dispose of your lidded beverages appropriately

No Food or Drinks Zone The consumption of food and beverages not permitted Provides a clean environment for research and study; protects the collection Zero tolerance for food and beverages
Please respect fellow students by following the guidelines and tidying up after yourself. See individual libraries for their designated zones.

We also encourage the use of scent-free products as per Western's Scent Aware Guidelines.

*Based on the Zone System created at University of Toronto Mississauga