Library Services for High School Students

Use of library facilities

The general public is welcome to visit Western Libraries and make use of most collections. Guest computers are available for accessing the library website and shared library catalogue. Printing and photocopying facilities are also available along with a variety of types of work/study space. To protect the environment within Western Libraries, eating, drinking and smoking are prohibited in all areas of all libraries unless otherwise designated.

Use of library collections

The Access Code for Western Libraries outlines appropriate use of Western Libraries collections. A full copy of The Access Code may be found here: High school students are not eligible to borrow from Western Libraries but may make use of collections on site. Use of electronic resources may be limited according to licensing agreements. For more information please see Acceptable Use Guidelines for Electronic Resources.

Use of library research services

While staff are available at library service desks to assist visitors with questions about the access and/or use of Western Libraries resources, visitors to Western Libraries should be aware that priority is given to supporting the needs of current students, faculty, and staff of the University. As per the Access Code: "Limitations on staffing, equipment and material resources constrain the level of support Western Libraries can provide to non-University users.".

Class visits / instruction sessions

Western Libraries regrets that it does not have the resources to provide library instruction for high school groups.