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In this video, we will go over how to cite books in your reference list.

Please note, all information is based on the sixth edition of the APA Style Guide.

To begin, let’s talk about what information you will need in order to cite a book in your reference list. You will need: the author’s full last name and first and middle initials, the year of publication , the full title of the book (including subtitles), edition if it is not the first edition, the city of publication, and the name of the publisher.

The author’s last name and first initials are located at the beginning of the citation.

The year of publication is located in brackets to the right of the author's name with a period on the outside of the brackets.

The title of the book (including subtitles) is italicized and follows the year of publication.

If the book is a second or higher edition, this needs to be included after the title or subtitle. It is written in brackets as the number of the edition followed by E D period. A period follows the end bracket.

The final piece of information is the location of publishing and the name of the publisher. When citing the city of publication, always list the city followed by the state or province using the postal abbreviation without periods.

Here is an example of a real book that has been cited in an APA reference list.

Not all books have main authors and instead might have editors. If the book you are citing has no author but instead is an edited volume, your reference entry will use the editors’ names followed by bracket E D S period, bracket, period. The rest of the citation will look exactly the same as for an authored book.

A real example would look like this.

If the book you are citing has an author and an editor, both need to be included in the reference section. Following the format for an authored book, the editor's name follows the book title. The editor is written as initials first, followed by the editor's last name. Then, E D period in brackets, followed by another period.

This concludes the video tutorial on how to cite books in APA format in your reference list.

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