Doctors and Connections to the University of Western Ontario

The Superintendent of the London Asylum and also one of the founders of the Western Medical School was Dr. R. Maurice Bucke. He began the tradition of physicians and superintendents lecturing at the Western School of Medicine. Among those who lectured at the Medical School between the years 1901-1945 were:

Dr. Fulton Schuyler Vrooman - Superintendent

Dr. Sidney Gordon Chalk

Dr. Claud Andrew McCleanahan

Dr. George Herbert Stephenson - Superintendent

Dr. James Reginald McGeoch

Dr. Archibald McCausland - Superintendent

Dr. Alexander Ernest McKercher

Dr George Edgar Hobbs

Dr Lionel Sharples Penrose

Dr. William John Earle

Dr John H. Stead

Dr. George Alexander McCallum - Superintendent

Dr. W. J. Robinson - Superintendent