"you are a conquered enemy" "her eyes are like the dew drope[sic]"
"this is the eighth day since you were here"
"A short time since only did I become aware of your ... existence" "my heart is almos [sic] broken down to stay away from your home"
"I have come to my senses some"
"I am detained here in Prision..." "I wish some of you would come and take me out for a visit"
"Now I await a formal Surrender"
"We the undersigned pray you In consideration" "dont forget me anyhow no matter what you do"
"I beg to Inform you I got Into trouble with the man I was working for"
"Brother i now... [w]rite to you that the time must come when you must die..." "take my trunk to me"
"i dont know why they should keep me here any longer it was a plot..."

The transcriptions which appear are not authorized transcriptions from the Ontario Archives, but rather transcriptions produced by the 2009 Public History program at the University of Western Ontario.