"We the undersigned pray you In consideration"


St. Thomas Dec 30/77

An appeal
To the Council of St. Thomas

Mr. Mayor and members
of your honorable board:

We the undersign-
ed pray you In consid-
eration of the terrible con-
dition of W.E.C. &
family. That you use
your authority & influ-
ence to maintain and sus-
tain. The judgments of
God against him.
Who has in His
providence declared
him to be unworthy
the position of either
husband or father.
And since he has aban-
doned the duties of
both husband and father
to the public. We declare
that as he has ignored
the duties & responsibili-
ties of the most sacred
and holy relations of life
He has forfeited all
right to the privileges
they confer. And where
as we judge that a man
who has thus destroyed
him self & family can
be of no moral benefit
to society. We entreat
you to restore him
if possible to his duties
and obligations. Otherwise
maintain the integrity
of the marriage covenant
at the expense of confinement
in the Asylum.