"I beg to Inform you I got Into trouble with the man I was working for"

your affectionate

London Asylum
12th September 1879

My Dear Father
I beg to Inform
you I got Into trouble with
the man I was working for
unacount [Sic.] of his refusing to pay
me he took me to the law
and beat me and the Judge
fore [Sic.] me Six moths In the
Sentral [Sic.] Prison at hard labour
S.P. Sent me to the
London Asylum he was the Manager
of the Sentral Prison his reason
for lending me hear was that he
thought I was getting lazy my
time would have expired [...?]
In Eleven days when he Sent me hear
now Dear Father my full
time of [...?] months that I was [...?]
need to In the Sentral Prison has eff[...?]
[...?] [...?] [...?] [...?] [...?] [...?]
In the Dining room
all the dishes x and the work
Shop that was built by the
Government was going Crazy and I Suppose that Is the reason he
thought I was going Crazy in as Soon as I went out on the march
ing ground I put my hands on the
Queens breast and Shook a little
I have an ideal there Is gowing [Sic.]
to be war the Governments paper
and toboco [Sic.] In my pocket become
Sented [Sic.] Since the month of May
but It has not been Sented Since
I Came to the Asylum [...?]
Come hear the Same Man that
blew his breath through the window
In the Central prison Is dowing [Sic.] the
Same hear every night he take
My food from me and Lends [...?]
to me or ain [Sic.] Smell Comes
to me though the ground every
time I go out the Same as at
the Sentral prison It was the
Most delightufull [Sic.] Smell I ever
Smelt the fragrancey [Sic.] surpa?ses
anny thing [Sic.] I ever Smelt In my
life before Dear Brother I
used to be roasting In my Inside
as Soon as I went In to My Sell
I mentioned It to Captin [Sic.] P.
and he told me he would try
and find out who was dowing [Sic.]
it and I Still feeal [Sic.] nearly the
Same Since I Came hear and I
do not like the food neither [...?]
I like It In the Sentral prision
It dose [Sic.] not agree with me and
It makes me feel quite Sixk most
of the time Dear Brother I want
I of you to Come hear Mo[rning] July
A. and W.
I want you to fetch all the money
you Can Spare with you for I will
have to bring an action against the
Medical facalty [Sic.] In order to get my
pay as I entened [Sic.] to make the [...?] p[ay]
Me for every Day I have been hear
over my time of Sentence
I Sent a letter to Mrs. M.
and M.D. to let them know
my po?ition I do not see what the[...?]
Sent me hear as I am perfectly
Sensible Indeed I Considder [Sic.] It was
almost as bad as taking my life
and my time So nearly expired In
the Sentral prision my reason for
not writing to you Sooner was that
I did noT wish you to know I was
In prison I do not like the place
I am In In fact It Is not the place
for a Sensible Man at all when I was
taken to the Sentral prison tha [Sic.] asked
me what Church I belonged to I said
to the Presbyterian Church and that all
my folks belonged to the Same and that
I was never In any prison before either
In the [...?] or [...?] I attended the Catholic
Church when all the Sentral prisions there
was no other place of worship to [...?] [...?]
In the Judge tha [Sic.] put a Catholic Bible In
My Sell I have an Irish they [...?] Catholic
[...?] works [...?] [...?] [...?]