"Brother i now... [w]rite to you that the time must come when you must die..."

Dec. 30th 1889

Mr -Dear
Brother i now
Take a pen in hand
To rite to you that the time
Must come when you must
Die but just think of it as
Boy that put in jail keep
there, for three month [thor...?]
sad mistake - in his face
false false crazy yes Dam crazy
smith gone i might been crazy
saved longo [sic] but you put your
in here not telling you where
you are going - that is wahat [sic]
killed the boy for he wold [sic]
has the [d..t] what he was in
for, [h] you might have been
saved before now to late now
to be saved now - to be to late
first now think of it to late to
late to late [...] to be saved

My brother if you wish to see
you a live a gin [sic] she had better
Come at once for you had better
think of what you said when
you left you said you come
at christmas and christmas
is gone and you - have not gone
yet and when you do come it
will be to late i think it will
be to late just tell [s sall?] read j
that it is to beleve [sic] false friend.
and relations that prove to your
face a false and prove good to your
back w yo was gone away to what
you then was [never?] put the boy
in the in the insne [sic] house
for being crazy and telling
he was going to the fair
but just think of it will
you just rember [sic] what
you done to your [brother?]