"i dont know why they should keep me here any longer it was a plot..."

London Asylum ([... ].
to Dr. Lancaster

Dear sir having been confined
and kept in this place and not
knowing exactly what has happened
I thought i might get some information
from you as i have good reason to believe
that you and other Physicians know
all about it what some persons intend
to gain by kepping[sic] me here i dont[sic]
know I dont[sic] think those persons
that have put me here have derived
any great benifit[sic] from it i do wish
you would do something for me if
it is in your power [to do] some thing
that was intended for to happen to
me and really accused i have [been trasferd]
from one place to another and i dont[sic]
know why they should keep me here
any longer it was a plot i believe
to put me into this place and
hoping you [will] do [something]
for me as you know i got receved[sic]
medicine[sic] from you. i dont[sic] know
wether[sic] it was [spost] or intended for
a more serious affair they said i was
insane and i dont[sic] know if i was or no
i feel pretty well considering what has
happened to me i dont[sic] know if my
self or money that they wanted as you
have my name in your book you
will not forget my name


hoping you will excuse my Grammar

hoping you will not forget to
come and [visit] me as i have no
other way of getting out of [this] place
except by your [assentence]