"her eyes are like the dew drope[sic]"

May 2 _ 1883

Dear Father it is with a
[sorto?] of pain i take this pen
in my hand not with pleasure
to rite[sic] you a few lines to let
you now[sic] how I am getting
along. if you had rote[sic] to
me and answered my last
letter it would have been a
pleasure the only satisfaction
I have had was what little
information I received
from [S]B threw[sic] Mr.
M. in the way of writing.
if you dont send me some money
or come down on the cars after me
and give me a [span] of horses
and the [wist] half of lot no.
on the _ consession[sic] of hay
I will never go home again for
you had no right to let them
[missing last line]

B saved my life and my
Mothers to which god alone can
gudge[sic]. I am only bound for a
few short years and [true] to her
ill bee[sic] for I never shall smite
the girl that I love while I
am sailing oer[sic] the Sea so no
more at [present] from your
loving son JTO
her eyes are like the dew drope[sic]
her throat is like the swan
and tis for my [loving?] AM [...?]
I would lay me down and die
the grass is gust[sic] as green dear
father but few are left to now[sic]
that played with me upon
the green at the old School
house playing ground gust[sic] 20 years
ago. little A read this and
remember me I remain your true
brother no more at present

[...?] Lunitick[sic] Asylum
for the insane Dear Father
answer my letter
lunitick asylum London east.
she lives in the little frame[sic]
cabin by the way side in the
woods. I ant[sic] no fool in the dark
so no more at present

Illegible signature

[i]n god we trust