"A short time since only did I become aware of your ... existence"

London June 14th [189]

Dear Mother,
A short time since
only did I become aware of your
[uol] existence; though never having
directly heard of your name or place
of residence. I proved from
events that the name is C
and that you from the period
of your widowhood wore the
bridegrooms dress now I am under
the impression you are in
our [ar] famed retreat. how you
came to be presented to me in
the light of a Mother I cannot
say but will suffice it a [nol]
[met] The prospect of actual

acquaintance would no doubt not
leave in the background any
just reason of regret; as your
company would prove as agreeable
with the knowledge of relationship
as it did where strangers- You
were several times mentioned
to me in times of [ress] by
those under your charge
By three times I meant to [...?]
That there was some doubt
with regard to names and date
of this ours origin therefore it
should prove the truth of any
[..ff..] would. Dear Mother give
me a clue to some of the events
of [..?] earlier life; or just
say my signature is Correct.