"I have come to my senses some"

London Lunatic Asylum

December the 6TH 1880

Mrs D.G.

Dear friend when
this letter comes to
hand you will see
that I have not for
gotten you give
my respects
to C and
just tell him that
I have come to
my sense some
and wish Some one
for to come up here
for me. send
this letter to
Mrs M [...?]
[...?] [...?]
[...?] I will pay
the fare up here
and back if any per
son will please to
come. My head
is better and apt
for to stay so. send
this letter when you
all have to
Stoney Creek to
Mr. ND
I hope these men is not [...?]
bed to keep me
because they could
not make a
fortune out of
bribery unless
they will [...?] it
where they will
not want to stay
[...?] the [Preists]
of all men every
where for me
and my sweet
little girls
and all that is
connected with
me JD

[Followed by mathematic equation - long division]