"Now I await a formal Surrender"

London Asylum May 18, 1880
To the Authorities of the Dominion

Though I have received
No response from you
To my former appeals
In behalf of Justice.
I learn from the word
Of God His spirit and
His providences that
you are unequal to the
Duties of your position
And since your inability
To accord justice to the
humblest of Gods children
Proves you incompetent
To fill your positions of
Trust honor & responsibility
And in as much as
Injustice to one is im-
Positions on every body
Else. And those who
Are not able to give justice
To their dependents
Are inadequate to the
Duty of protecting their
Own rights. Therefore I am
Authorized to inform you
That you have been
Weighed in the balances
And are found wanting
And the Kingdom is taken
From you & given to the
People of God. Whom
I feel unworthy to represent
I was publicly called
Last Sunday at meeting
To the duty of appointing
Judges and officers
According to Deu 16:18, 20 And
Now I await a formal
Surrender upon the
Authority of the King
Of Kings Lord of Lords &
Governor of nations
Whose ambassador I am. M.A.