Dr. Archibald McCausland 1952-1959

Dr. McCausland, a native of St. Thomas, Ontario, was educated at Queen's University, where he earned an M.B. in 1912, an M.D. and C.M. in 1914 with a Certification in Neurology and Psychology. Dr. McCausland served with the Canadian Army Medical Corp from 1915-1919, in England, France, and Russia. He was decorated with the Military Cross from France, the 3rd Order of St. Anne from Russia, and the Coronation Medal from England. At the conclusion of the war, he did post-graduate work in the United States, England and in Europe, spending a year in Vienna studying with Dr. Sigmund Freud.

Dr. McCausland worked for the Ontario Mental Health Services for 32 years, working at Kingston, New Toronto and Homewood Sanitarium in Guelph. He began working in London with Dr. George H. Stevenson as assistant superintendent in 1936. It was during his term as superintendent that the new hospital was built in London. The new hospital featured two ward complexes, each radiating from a central lounge area designed to provide a small friendly environment, and a maximum of freedom.

Dr. McCausland was a fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, a member and the president of the Ontario Neuropsychiatric Association, and he maintained a membership with the Ontario and Canadian Medical Associations. He was a past president of the Ontario Psychiatric Association, a life member of the Academy of Medicine and a life member of the Canadian Psychiatric Association. Dr. McCausland wrote several articles on psychiatric illnesses including co-authoring an article on the prevention of recurring manic-depressive illnesses with Dr. Stevenson. Dr. McCausland died in 1974 and is buried in the Old English Churchyard in St. Thomas. The Dr. Archibald McCausland Memorial Prize in Psychiatry is awarded annually to a University of Western Ontario student in Psychiatry, established through a grant from his estate. Dr. McCausland's wife helped him establish the first Auxiliary to the Ontario Hospital.

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