Dr. William John Robinson 1908-1929

Dr. Robinson graduated from the Toronto School of Medicine in 1883, winning the University Gold Medal and the Star Gold Medal in his final year. He began his private practice in Arthur, eventually moving to Guelph, where he became the health officer for the city and member of the Provincial Board of Health. In 1908, he became the superintendent of the Ontario Hospital of London. Dr. Robinson lectured on mental diseases at the University of Western Ontario and was head of psychiatry in the Department of Medicine. Dr. Robinson was obliged to carry on the work of the hospital without any qualified assistance during the First World War.

Dr. Robinson was a member of the Academy of Medicine of Western Ontario and the Ontario and Canadian Medical Association, the American Psychiatric Society and the Canadian Psychiatric Society, and a Free Mason. Dr. Robinson passed away during his tenure as superintendent, September 1929, remembered fondly in their yearbook by the nurse's graduating class of 1930.

Kindness in every way transpired
From out his very being.
We loved him, for his way inspired
A clearer way of seeing.

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