Dr. Fulton Schuyler Vrooman 1930-1934

Dr. Vrooman, son of Dr. Adam Vrooman, a well-known medical practitioner in Little Britain, Ontario, earned his medical degree at the University of Toronto in 1904. He worked as ship's physician before starting a practice of his own in Lindsay, Ontario. In 1907, he entered the Ontario psychiatric service and worked in the Ontario Hospitals at London, Toronto, Mimico and Brockville. His background in general practice complimented his interest in psychiatry and he became known as a careful and painstaking physician, trusted as an internist and as a psychiatrist.

In the First World War, Dr. Vrooman volunteered for service, and spent time at the Military Hospital at Coburg, and in hospitals in England. He returned to the Ontario Hospital in Brockville as assistant superintendent in 1920, later transferring to the Ontario Hospital at Toronto and becoming superintendent there. He was superintendent at Mimico and the Ontario Hospital in London. In 1930 he became president of the Ontario Neuro-Psychiatric Association and for several years was the editor of the Ontario Journal of Neuro-Psychiatry. Considered both a student and a teacher, he showed particular interest in the education of nurses and junior physicians. During his career, Dr. Vrooman was in charge of three large hospitals. Remembered as a convincing speaker and a brilliant conversationalist, the various demands of his career and the consideration he gave to his work were attributed to his early death while superintendent at the Ontario Hospital for the Mentally Ill in London.

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