Abbreviations for Use on Spine Labels

UWO Monograph labels use the following abbreviations. All UWO Periodicals use upper case abbreviations for binding considerations. The intention is to use descriptors abbreviated, if necessary, according to AACR2 (Appendix B), Chicago Manual of Style, or Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary. However, the table also includes historical descriptors that have been used in UWO item records and that were established according to previous standards for abbreviations.

H = Historical list of UWO abbreviations used, S = Serial Spine Label (ICU), MS = Chicago Manual of Style, A2 = AACR2, T= Term, O = obsolete - Do not use

New Descriptors are considered for inclusion at the request of cataloguers or other library staff as the need arises. Descriptors which match historical (H) abbreviations may also be questioned if the 'match' appears inappropriate for the item in hand.

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Term Language English Equivalent Abbreviation Source
Abhandiung  German paper, part Abh. H
abs.  H
Abstract English abstract abstract H
Abteilung, Abtheilung Abt.  H & A2
Abth. H
accord. H
add.  H
addendum English addendum addendum H
avgust Russian August AG S
augusztus Hungarian August AG S
augustus Dutch August AG S
augusti Swedish August Ag. H & S
alto English alto alt. H
anuairio an. H & A2
annuaire, annuario ann. H
annee annee H
anno anno H
annus annus H
anv. H
Ap. H
appendix English appendix app. H & MS
append. H
arg. H
atlas English atlas atlas H
Auflage German edition Aufl. H
August English August AUG. S
author English author AUT. S
autor Czec 
author AUT. S
autore Italian author AUT. S
auteur Dutch 
author AUT. S
avril French April AV S H
b.dr. H
banjo English banjo banj. H
Bari. H
baritone English baritone bari. H
baritone (bass) English baritone (bass) bari.bass H
baritone (treble) English baritone (treble) bari.treble H
bass English bass bass H
bind Dano-Norwegian volume Bd. H & S
Bund German volume Bd. H & A2
Band Dutch 
volume Bd. H & S
band Dutch 
volume bd. H
Bdchn. H
Beilage German supplement Beil. H
bells English bells bells H
Bericht German report BER. S
Beihelft German supplement Bhft. H
bibliography English bibliography bibl. H & S
book English book bk. H
Bassoon English bassoon bn. H
boletim Portugese report BOL. S
bong. H
Book English book book H
brezen Czech March br. H & S
Buch German book Buch H
bulletin English bulletin bull. H & A2
colloque French conversation c S
Papers by command series English Papers by command series c H & A2
cast´ Czech part c. or ch H & S
cahier French copy or exercise book cahier H
canto H
card English card card H
cartes H
cast. H
cbn. H
Papers by command series English Papers by command series cd. H
cerven Czech June CE S
cel. H
cervenec Czech July CER S
chapter English chapter ch. H & A2
cast´ Russian part ch. or cast H & A2
chart English chart chart H
chast´ Russian part chast or ch. H & A2
chm. H
cim Hungarian title CIM S
islo Czech number is. H & S
citation English citation CIT S
Clarinet (B) English clarinet cl. H
Clarinet (E) English clarinet  cl. Eb H
claves English claves claves H
Papers by command series English Papers by command series cmd. H
Papers by command series English Papers by command series cmnd. H
Column English column COL. S
Columna Spanish column COL. S
Coluna Portuguese column COL. S
colonna French 
column COL. S
colloque French conversation colloque H
congress English congress cong. S
contra bassoon English contra bassoon contrab. H
Cornet English cornet corn. H
cowb. H
crot. H
cuad. H
cymbals English cymbals cymb. H
cz Polish part cz. H
Dezember German December D S
diciembre Spanish December D S
dekabr Russian December D S
Dezembro Portuguese December D S
decembre French December D S
dicembre Italian December D S
December Dano-Norwegian 
December D. H & S
deel Polish part d. H
double bass English double bass d.b. H
December English December DEC. S. & A2
deel Dutch part DEEL S
del Dano-Norwegian 
part DEL S
deriblandt Dano-Norwegian include DER. S
disc English disc disc H
disk English disk disk H
doklad Russian report DOK. S
Doplnek Czech supplement DOP. S
dopolnenie Russian supplement DOP. S
drums English drums dr H
snare drum English snare drum dr.snare H
duben Czech April DU S
Eb horn English Eb horn Eb hn. O obsolete
Do not use
Clarinet (Eb) English clarinet Eb cl. O obsolete
Do not use
enero Spanish January EN S
English horn English English horn Eng. hn.  O obsolete
Do not use
euphonium English euphonium euph. H
Ev Hungarian year EV S
febrero Spanish February F S
februari Dutch 
February F S
February English February

S & A2
fevral Russian February F S
fevrier French February F S
febbraio Italian February F S
fevereiro Portuguese February F S
Februar Dano-Norweigan February F S
F. H
French horn English French horn O obsolete
Do not use
facsimile English facsimile  facsim. H & A2
fall English fall fall H
Fascicule French fascicle FASC. S
fascicle English fascicle fasc. H & S
flute English flute fl H
flugel horn English flugel horn O obsolete
Do not use
folio English folio fol. H
forfattare Swedish author FORF. S
forfatter Dano-Norwegian author FORF. S
Frame, -s English frame fr. H
fuzet Hungarian number FU. S
godina Sabo-Croat year g. H & A2
gennaio Italian January GE S
giugno Italian June GO S
god Russian year god H & S
gong English gong gong H
Gruppe H
guide English guide guide H & S
guitar English guitar guit. H
Heft German issue H. S
Halbbd. H
Halbband German half volume Halfte H
handbook English handbook handbk H
harp English harp harp H
harpsicord English harpsicord harpsi. H
Hbd. H
Heft German issue Heft H
Hft. H
high English high high H
horn English horn hn. H
Eb horn English Eb horn hn.Eb H
English horn English English horn hn.Eng H
F horn 1 English F horn 1 hn.F 1 H
F horn English F horn hn.F H
flugel horn English flugel horn hn.fl H
Handschrift German handwriting Hs. H & A2
Illustrations English  illustrations illus. H
Incluido Portuguese 
include INCL S
include English Include INCL. S
inclus French include INCL. S
ivi incluso Italian include INCL. S.
incomplete English include INCOMPL. H
indeks Dano-Norwegian index IND.S
indice Italian 
index INDEX S
index Dutch 
index INDEX H & S
inkluderad Swedish include INKL. S
inklusive German include INKL. S
introduction English introduction intro. H
iro Hungarian author IRO S
issue English issue issue H
item English item item H
ijul Russian July IUL S
ijun Russian June IUN S
janvier French January JA S
janvar Russian January JA S
January English January JA 

S & A2
januari Dutch 
January JA S
Januarr Hungarian January JA S
Januar Dano-Norwegian 
January JA S
Janeiro Portuguese January JA H & S
jaar Dutch year JAAR S
jaargang jaarg. H & A2
Jahr German year JAHR S
Jahrg. H
jahrg. H
June English June JE 
jelentes Hungarian report JEL. S
Jahrgang German volume JG. S
Juni Dono-Norwegian 
June JI S
julius Hungarian July JL S
Juli Dano-Norwegian 
July JL S
julio Spanish July JL S
Julho Portuguese July JL S
July English July JL 
H & S
juillet French July JL H & S
junio Spanish June JN S
junius Hungarian June JN S
juin French June JN S
Junho Portuguese June JN S
Jn. H
kit English kit kit H
klumme Dano-Norwegian column KLUM. S
kniha kn. H & A2
knjiga Serb-Croat book knj. H & A2
Kolonma Russia column KOL. S
Kolumna Hungarian column KOL. S
Kolom Dutch column KOL. S
Kotet Hungarian volume KOT. S
Kveten Czech May KV S
leto year l. H & A2
Leden Czech January LE S
Legislation English Legislation legis H
level English level level H
Lieferung German issue Lfg. H & A2
lfg. H
Listopad Czech November LI S
livraison livr. H & A2
livre French book livre H
low English low low H
luglio Italian July LU S
man. H
manual English manual manual H
map English map map H
med. H
melleklet Hungarian supplement MELL. S
maggio Italian May MG S
Maio Portuguese May MI S
Mai French 
May MI S
mei Dutch May MI S
miscellaneous English miscellaneous misc. H & A2
Met inbegrip van Dutch include MIV. S
Maj Dano-Norwegian 
May MJ S
majus Hungarian May MJ S
mars Dano-Norwegian 
March MR S
marco Portuguese March MR S
marcius Hungarian March MR S
maart Dutch March MR S
marz German March MR S
mart Russian March MR S
March English March MR 
H & S 
H & S
manuscript English manuscript ms. H & A2
mayo Spanish May MY S
May English May MY 
H & S
Novembre French 
November N S
Novembro Portuguese November N S
November Dano-Norwegian 
November N S
noviembre Spanish November N S
Numero Finish number n:o H & A2
nojabr Russian November N. H & S 
numero n. H
Neue Folge German new series n.F. H & A2
new series English new series n.s. H & MS.
neue Serie German New Series N.SER. S
New Series English New Series N.SER. S
nouvelle serie French New Series N.SER. S
Nieuw serie Dutch New Series N.SER. S
Novyj serija Russian New Series N.SER. S
New series English New Series N.SER. 
new ser.
S & H & A2
Nuevo serie Spanish New Series N.SER. S
Ny serie Dano-Norwegian 
New Series N.SER. S
novo serie Portuguese New Series N.SER. S
Novy serie Czech New Series N.SER. S
Nuovo serie Italian New Series N.SER. S
Number English New series NO. H & A2
niveau H
nombre French number NO. H & S
nomer Russian number NO. H & S
notes English notes notes H
November English November NOV. S
Nummer Dano-Norwegian 
number NR. S
Numero Italian 
number NR. S
Nr. H
nr. H
octubre Spanish October  O S
oktjabr Russian October O S
Octobre French October O S
Oktober Dano-Norwegian 
October O S
ottobre Italian October O S
Outubro Portuguese October O S
October Dutch 
October O. H & S
old series English old series o.s. H & MS
Oboe English oboe ob H
October English October OCT. S
opus English opus op. H & A2
piano English piano p. H
pagina Dano-Norwegian 
page p. H & S
page English 
page p. H & S
paper English paper paper H
par. H
parliament English parliament parl. H & S
pars Latin part pars H
part English part PT. S
part, parte English part PT. H & A2
parte Italian 
part PT. S
partie French part PTIE. H & A2
Partie French part PT. S
parts English parts pts. H & A2
Parts English parts parts H
percussion English percussion perc. H
piano English piano piano H
piccolo English piccolo picc H
plate English plate pl. H & MS.
plates English plates plates H
portrait English portrait port. H & A2
Prosinec Czech December PR S
Quaderni Italian Copy or exercise books Quaderni T
Quaderno Italian Copy or exercise book Quaderno T
rok r. H & A2
rapport Dano-Norwegian 
report RAPT. S
raport Czech report RAPT. S
rapporto Italian report RAPT. S
reel English reel reel H
Register German 
index REG. S
Reihe H
rejstrik Czech index REJS. S
relacion Spanish report REL. S
report English report rept. H & S
Resz Hungarian part RESU. S
Resumen Spanish abstract RESU. S
Resumo Portuguese abstract RESU. S
resume Czech 
abstract RESU. S
Rezjume Russian abstract REZ. S
Rijen Czech October RI S
ronik ro. H
rok Czech year ROK S
septembre French September S S
Sentjabr Russian September S S
septiembre Spanish September S S
szeptember Hungarian September S S
September Dano-Norwegian 
September S H & S
Strana Czech page S. S
sida Swedish page S. S
Seits German page S. S
s.dr. H
Sachregister German subject index SACR. S
Sakregister Swedish subject index SAKR. S
Samenvatting Dutch abstract SAM. S
Sammendrag Dano-Norwegian abstract SAM. S
Samml. H
saw H
saxophone English saxophone sax. H
alto saxophone English alto saxophone sax.alt H
bari saxophone English bari saxophone sax.bari H
soprano saxophone English soprano saxophone sax.sop H
tenor saxophone English tenor saxophone sax.ten H
score English score score H
Sdhft. H
sec. H
sect. H
September English September SEPT. S
serie Czech 
series SER. S
Serija Russian series SER. S
szeria Hungarian series SER. S
series English series ser. H & S
série French series sér. H & A2
session English session sess. H & S
sillabusz Hungarian abstract SILL. S
sloupec Czech column SLOU. S
solo instrument English solo instrument solo inst H
sommario Italian abstract SOM. S
soprano English soprano sop. H
Spalte German column SPA. S
spalt Swedish column SPA. S
spring English spring SPR. O obsolete
Do Not Use
spring English spring SPRING S
srpen Czech August SR. S
št. H
stikordsregister Dano-Norweigan subject index STIKER. S
Stranica Russian page STR. S
sujet index French subject index SUB. INDEX S
Subject index English subject index SUBJ. INDEX S
subvolume English subvolume subv. H
summer English summer SUM. O Obsolete
Do Not Use
summer English summer SUMMER S
suplemento Portuguese 
supplement SUPL. S
supplement English supplement supp. H & MS.
Supplement Dano-Norwegian 
supplement suppl. H & S & A2
svazek Czech volume SV. H
Teil, Theil German part T H & S & A2
t H
tomo Italian 
volume T. S
tome French volume T. S
Tenor English Tenor T. H & A2
tom Russian volume T. S
tuba English tuba t. or tuba H
t.dr. H
t.t. H
tambourine English tambourine tamb. H
tape English tape tape H
Teilband record in hand Tbd. H
trombone English trombone tbn H
tbn H
tenor English tenor ten. H
Text English Text Text H
text English text text H
Timbal English Timbal Timb. H
timpani English timpani timp H
titolo Italian title TITL. S
titulo Potuguese 
title TITL. S
title English title TITLE S
Titel Dano-Norwegian 
title TITEL H & S
titre French title TITRE S
titul Czech title TITUL S
trumpet in () English trumpet in () tpt. H
trumpet in C English trumpet in C tpt.C H
triangle English triangle trgl. H
tuba English tuba tuba or t. H
uj szeria Hungarian New Series U.SER. S
ukazatel Russian index UKAZ. S
unor Czech February UN S
unit English unit unit H
volumen Spanish volume v. H & S.
volume English volume v. H & S
vcetne Czech include VCET. S
verfasser German author VCRF. S
vibraphone English vibraphone vib. H
viola English viola vla H
violoncello English violoncello vlc H
violin English violin vln H
vypusk vydání Russian part VYP. H & S & A2 H
winter English winter WINT. O Obsolete
Do Not Use
winter English winter WINTER S
xylophone English xylophone xyl. H
zari Czech September Z
zaakregister Dutch subject index ZAAKR. S
zeszyt zesz. H & A2
Zusammenfassung German abstract ZUS. S
Zväzok, zvezek zv. H & A2