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Accompanying materials for EDU/CRC

Accompanying materials for EDU/CRC - Western Cataloguing Specifications


This document was drafted in order to assist in cataloguing a multipart entity that does not meet the criteria for treatment as a kit.

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For texts with CD-ROMs inserted inside, follow the main procedure for all WL materials at:
Accompanying materials (CD-ROMS, DVDs or Computer Disks)  


Accompanying materials are resources "intended to be used with the item being catalogued" (AACR2)
"Related materials ... issued with an item and intended by the publisher to be used and stored with it" (ODLIS)

Signatures in the bibliographic record of "Accompanying Materials" treatment:

WL policy

At EDU's request:


For the purpose of this document, let the main component = text

007 Physical Description Fixed Field

Accept but do not supply.

260 Publication Date

A main/primary item with accompanying material is described according to the main item. Therefore, a record for an item with accompanying material would never have an open publication date. Provide one publication date, that of the primary item.
A varying publication date for an accompanying component would be added after the volume designation in the item record.

300 Physical Description Area

Example: 504 p. :|bill. ;|c27 cm. +|e1 teacher's guide + 2 posters

Example: 271 p. :|bill. ;|c21 cm. +|e1 atlas (95 p. : 85 col. maps ; 32 cm.)

Example: 87 p. ;|c28 cm. +|e1 guide ((various pagings) ; 28 cm.)

Example: p. +|e1 teacher's guide + 5 activity books

Example: p. :|bill. ;|c28 cm. +|e1 sound disc (digital : 4 3/4 in.)

505 Contents

505 0 [Text] Student edition -- Teacher's resource manual -- Poster.

In this instance, 'manual' would be used as the volume designator so no need to provide [Manual] preceding the entry in the 505.

505 0 [Text] -- Teacher's guide.

In this instance, 'guide' would be used as the volume designator.

505 0 [Text] -- Atlas -- Teacher's guide.

505 0 [Text]

505 0 [Text] -- [Guide] Teacher's resource.

505 0 [Text] -- [Manual] Teacher's resource.

505 0 [pt. 1]. Student text -- [pt. 2].Teacher's annotated ed.

300 286 p. :|bcol. ill. ;|c29 cm. +|e1 teacher's support package 

505 0 [pt. 1. Text] -- Teacher's support package: [pt. 2]. Teacher's guide and journal -- [pt. 3].

Activity masters -- [pt.4]. Solutions manual -- [pt. 5]. Review and practice book -- [pt. 6].

Review and practice book. Teacher's ed. with answers.

300 346 p. :|bcol. ill. ;|c28 cm. +|e1 teacher's guide + 5 activity books

505 0 [Text] -- Teacher's guide -- [book 1]. Changes all around me -- [book 2]. It's alive -- [book 3]. Looking at shoes -- [book 4]. At the playground -- [book 5]. Energy for work and play.

Item records

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Example of a text with videocassette and teacher's guide:
Dropping in on Andy Warhol

Example of a text with accompanying materials with supplied numbering
You shall be my witnesses

Example of a text with substantial accompanying texts with supplied numbering, pagination only for each
Quest 2000 : exploring mathematics, Grade 6

Example of a numbered (textbook) series with several components
Addison-Wesley science & technology.1

Example of an instance for text and guide when publication dates differ and authorship varies. The publication date for the accompanying material is supplied in the volume enumeration only. Do not open the record, i.e., do not treat as MVS.
Earth matters : studies in physical geography