Accompanying materials for EDU/CRC

Accompanying materials for EDU/CRC - Western Cataloguing Specifications


This document was drafted in order to assist in cataloguing a multipart entity that does not meet the criteria for treatment as a kit.

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For texts with CD-ROMs inserted inside, follow the main procedure for all WL materials at:
Accompanying materials (CD-ROMS, DVDs or Computer Disks)  


Accompanying materials are resources "intended to be used with the item being catalogued" (AACR2)
"Related materials ... issued with an item and intended by the publisher to be used and stored with it" (ODLIS)

Signatures in the bibliographic record of "Accompanying Materials" treatment:

  • 300: main item with list of accompanying materials separated by a string of + signs

WL policy

At EDU's request:

  • Item and accompanying materials are catalogued together on the same bibliographic record, e.g., do not create separate bibliographic records for an item and accompanying teacher's guide.
  • Avoid multivolume sets, i.e., prefer separate records for numbered (most often textbook) series that have several components
  • Main item is the primary component and is always entered first in the 300 and 505
  • Prefer to list all known components in both the 300 and 505, especially if part numbers are assigned. This facilitates adding receipts at a later time and helps to eliminate any need for recalls/reprocessing
  • Provide a volume designation for all components, including 'text'. (Providing a volume designation for 'text' varies from routine practice but is not incorrect to use for other libraries)


For the purpose of this document, let the main component = text

007 Physical Description Fixed Field

Accept but do not supply.

260 Publication Date

A main/primary item with accompanying material is described according to the main item. Therefore, a record for an item with accompanying material would never have an open publication date. Provide one publication date, that of the primary item.
A varying publication date for an accompanying component would be added after the volume designation in the item record.

300 Physical Description Area

  • After subfields |a|b|c, list accompanying materials in a string preceding the first component with +|e then separating all subsequent components with +
  • Give type/name of accompanying material using a specific material designation (as per AACR2 1.5E d); if not suitable, supply a type/name that is appropriate (see Olson guides for samples; also use keyword in WL database if necessary)
  • Do not enclose supplied types/names in square brackets in the 300 (as they are in the 505)
  • Give number of physical units in Arabic numerals (as per AACR2 1.5E d)

Example: 504 p. :|bill. ;|c27 cm. +|e1 teacher's guide + 2 posters

  • Supply physical description of any substantial accompanying text in round brackets, without MARC coding

Example: 271 p. :|bill. ;|c21 cm. +|e1 atlas (95 p. : 85 col. maps ; 32 cm.)

Example: 87 p. ;|c28 cm. +|e1 guide ((various pagings) ; 28 cm.)

  • If all accompanying texts are substantial enough to warrant pagination, for the sake of brevity/conciseness, only pagination is required
  • Supply blank p. for pagination in the first physical description area if main text is not at hand and/or if physical description for main text is not readily available (Provide full information if available, as it is the function of the bibliographic record to describe the items, not to record holdings) Complete |a|b|c when main text is being added later.

Example: p. +|e1 teacher's guide + 5 activity books

Example: p. :|bill. ;|c28 cm. +|e1 sound disc (digital : 4 3/4 in.)

505 Contents

  • Provide list of contents following the same sequence as in the 300 area using more explicit/detailed descriptor terms, preferably those used by the publisher. Precede descriptor with volume designator used in the item record if it differs.

505 0 [Text] Student edition -- Teacher's resource manual -- Poster.

In this instance, 'manual' would be used as the volume designator so no need to provide [Manual] preceding the entry in the 505.

  • Text is always listed first, either as 'Text' if stated as such on the item, or in square brackets if supplied.

505 0 [Text] -- Teacher's guide.

In this instance, 'guide' would be used as the volume designator.

  • Text is listed even if not yet received or is in process elsewhere in the department:

505 0 [Text] -- Atlas -- Teacher's guide.

  • Text is listed even if it arrives alone; particularly if 653 Textbook is used.

505 0 [Text]

  • Text and Teacher's resource are listed and bibliographic record is set up with a 300 +|e. . The teacher's resource in this instance is supplementary to the text, is normally not as substantial as the text itself, most likely is in "paperback", i.e., is not a teacher's annotated ed. (see next example) and is therefore fitting/appropriate to provide volume designation as guide or manual. (Apply this method if only the Teacher's resource has arrived for cataloguing. Supply a full 505 as follows. Supply 300 with |ap. cm. but complete the +|e)

505 0 [Text] -- [Guide] Teacher's resource.

505 0 [Text] -- [Manual] Teacher's resource.

  • Text and Teacher's annotated edition. In this instance, both are substantial texts in their own right, most likely the teacher's annotated ed. having more pages than the student text. Supply a 300 +|e in order to provide pagination. Supply 505 with part numbering. In the example following, the descriptors were stated in the text; otherwise, they would be in square brackets as well. (Apply this method if only the Teacher's resource has arrived for cataloguing. Supply a full 505 as follows. Supply 300 with |ap. cm. but complete the +|e)

505 0 [pt. 1]. Student text -- [pt. 2].Teacher's annotated ed.

  • Choice of descriptor term: prefer wording stated on the accompanying material (e.g., "Workbook 3"; "Manual of ... ")
  • Follow volume numbering if provided by publisher
  • Supply part numbering if clarification is necessary, e.g., if the list of components is complex; if there are "subcomponents"; if components have unique titles; if components have similar names, e.g., there are both student and teacher's guides; if parallel descriptors for the item record exceed 8-character limit.

300 286 p. :|bcol. ill. ;|c29 cm. +|e1 teacher's support package 

505 0 [pt. 1. Text] -- Teacher's support package: [pt. 2]. Teacher's guide and journal -- [pt. 3].

Activity masters -- [pt.4]. Solutions manual -- [pt. 5]. Review and practice book -- [pt. 6].

Review and practice book. Teacher's ed. with answers.

300 346 p. :|bcol. ill. ;|c28 cm. +|e1 teacher's guide + 5 activity books

505 0 [Text] -- Teacher's guide -- [book 1]. Changes all around me -- [book 2]. It's alive -- [book 3]. Looking at shoes -- [book 4]. At the playground -- [book 5]. Energy for work and play.

  • If supplied numbering, prefer [v.1], [pt.1] or [no.1]. Only use [book 1] for student booklets, not for main text.

Item records

  • In summary holdings, range the item records in the same sequence as in the 505 Contents list
  • Assign volume designation according to numbering provided in the 505. In an item record, there is no space,e.g, pt.1, v.1., no.1.
  • If numbering has not been provided:

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]--> 

    • Assign volume designation text (do not use textbook) to the main text
    • For each accompanying component, provide volume designation comparable to descriptor in the 505, e.g., cards, guide, manual, book (used for booklets), workbook, transp., index, suppl., report, pt., tape, video, CD-ROM or disc, disc pkg., DVD, BLMS [used for blackline masters]
    • Only if it is necessary to distinguish items in a multiple set, may use title supplied by publisher, e.g., anthol. (for anthology)
  • Do not provide an extra item record with volume designation if the accompanying item is a CD-ROM, disc or DVD inserted in the book. Follow routine "Related procedure" via the link provided at the beginning of this document
  • Enter volume designation in lower case (Exceptions: contractions such as CD-ROM, DVD)


Example of a text with videocassette and teacher's guide:
Dropping in on Andy Warhol

Example of a text with accompanying materials with supplied numbering
You shall be my witnesses

Example of a text with substantial accompanying texts with supplied numbering, pagination only for each
Quest 2000 : exploring mathematics, Grade 6

Example of a numbered (textbook) series with several components
Addison-Wesley science & technology.1

Example of an instance for text and guide when publication dates differ and authorship varies. The publication date for the accompanying material is supplied in the volume enumeration only. Do not open the record, i.e., do not treat as MVS.
Earth matters : studies in physical geography