Guidelines for Cuttering Mac, Mc, Saint, St. Names

Guidelines for Cuttering Mac, Mc, Saint, St. Names - Western Cataloguing Specifications

Past Practice:


Prior to 1986 the practice was to cutter Mac and Mc as Mac; Saint and St. as Saint. Consequently, in the UWO shelf list Mac and Mc, Saint and St. can be found interfiled in many areas.


Current Policy:


Around 1986 Library of Congress and subsequently UWOLS changed their practice to cutter Mac and Mc, Saint and St. as spelled and this continues to be UWOLS current practice.


While there is no intention to recutter the existing Mc's interfiled with Mac's or the existing St.'s interfiled with Saints, the following guidelines should be followed:


  1. Cutter all new authors, or authors new in the class number as spelled, i.e. Mac and Mc, Saint and St.


  1. Do not recutter existing interfiled Mac's and Mc's, Saint's and St.'s Consider them all as Mac's or Saint's.


  1. Follow the UWO shelf list in cuttering a new item for an existing author in the same class.


  1. As of 2007, thesis authors Mc, Mac, Saint, and St. are also cuttered as they are spelled, using the UWO (LC) Cutter table. (Past practice: prior to thesis procedures revision in 2007, UWO theses cuttered Mac and Mc as Mac, Saint and St. as Saint using the Cutter-Sanborn table).


  1. Consult Metadata Librarians or Head, Metadata Access for congested shelflist areas with this problem.