Location Codes

Western Cataloguing Specifications

These are valid location codes, but some are not used for current cataloguing.

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Location I - Type OPAC Display Label
acsmn 8 ARCC specol mini NO LOAN ARCMIN
acson 8 ARCC specol ovr NO LOAN ARCSPO
acsrn 8 ARCC specol NO LOAN ARCSPE
ahcd 14 ARCC delivery 3DAY Loan AHCD
ahdan 8 ARCC archives NO LOAN
ahdlg 0 STORAGE - Use "Request Item" ARCHDM
ahdlu 9

STORAGE - Library Use Only

aoffc unknown Non-retrievable (blank)
aoffg 0 STORAGE - Use "Request Item" ARCHDM
aoffu 9 STORAGE - Library Use Only ARCHDM
arcmu unknown ARCC Music LIB USE ONLY ARCMU
arefn 8 ARCC rdg rm ref NO LOAN ARCREF
arron 8 ARCC rdg rm ovr NO LOAN ARCRCO
arrrn 8 ARCC rdg rm NO LOAN ARCRC
b Business
bavc1 5 BUS audio visual 1DAY
bbibg 0 BUS biblio BUSRDG
bcurn 8 BUS current per NO LOAN No Spine Label
bdk1d 5 BUS circ 1DAY BUSDSK
bdk1h 7 BUS circ 1HR BUSDSK
bdk2h 6 BUS circ 2HR BUSDSK
bdk3d 3 BUS circ 3DAY BUSDSK
bdk7d 2 BUS circ 7DAY BUSDSK
bdkg 0 BUS circ BUSDSK
bgorn 8 BUS govt ref NO LOAN BUSGOR
bgovn 8 BUS govt NO LOAN BUSGOV
bmfhn 8 BUS microfiche NO LOAN BUSMFH
bmfmn 8 BUS microfilm NO LOAN BUSMFM
bovrg 0 BUS stack ovrsize BUSOVR
bpamn 8 BUS pamphlet NO LOAN BUSPAM
bpeon BUS periodical oversize NO LOAN
bpern 8 BUS periodical NO LOAN BUSPER
brefg 0 BUS reference BUSREF
brefn 8 BUS reference NO LOAN BUSREF
bstkg 0 BUS stack BUSSTK
c Education
cbb2 4 CRC big book 2DAY CRCBB
ccd2 4 CRC compact disc 2DAY CRCCD
ccg2 4 CRC curric guide 2DAY CRCCG
ccud2 4 CRC curric docs 2DAY CRCCUD
cdk2h 6 CRC circ 2HR CRCDSK
cfb1 5 CRC french book 1DAY CRCFB
cfb2 4 CRC french book 2DAY CRCFB
cfb3 3 CRC french book 3DAY CRCFB
cfb7 2 CRC french book 7DAY CRCFB
cfbg 0 CRC french book CRCFB
cfm2 4 CRC french mat 2DAY CRCFM
ckit2 4 CRC kit 2DAY CRCKIT
covr2 4 CRC ovrsize 2DAY CRCOVR
ct2 4 CRC tape 2DAY CRCT
ctx1 5 CRC textbook 1DAY CRCTX
ctx2 4 CRC textbook 2DAY CRCTX
ctx3 3 CRC textbook 3DAY CRCTX
ctx7 2 CRC textbook 7DAY CRCTX
ctxg 0 CRC textbook CRCTX
ecur1 8 EDU current per NO LOAN EDUPER
edk1d 5 EDU circ 1DAY EDUDSK
edk2h 6 EDU circ 2HR EDUDSK
emfhn 8 EDU microfiche NO LOAN EDUMFH
emfmn 8 EDU microfilm NO LOAN EDUMFM
eovrg 0 EDU stack ovrsize EDUOVR
epeo1 8 EDU per ovr NO LOAN EDUPEO
eper1 8 EDU periodical NO LOAN EDUPER
epr2h 8 EDU per ref NO LOAN EDUPERR
erefn 8 EDU reference NO LOAN EDUREF
ereqn 8 EDU ref quick NO LOAN EDUREQ
erf2h 6 EDU reference 2HR EDUREF
estk2 4 EDU stack 2DAY EDUSTK
estk3 3 EDU stack 3DAY EDUSTK
estk7 2 EDU stack 7DAY EDUSTK
estkg 0 EDU stack EDUSTK
f Centre for Teaching and Learning
ftspr 8 TSC periodical NO LOAN TSCPER
ftssc 8 TSC stack NO LOAN TSCSTK
g Map & Data Centre
gcabn 8 Map & Data Atlas Cabinets No Spine Label
gmaps 8 Map & Data Map Cabinets No Spine Label
gmvfc 8 Map & Data Vertical Filing Cabinets No Spine Label
gopen 8 Map & Data Open Shelves No Spine Label
govrs 8 Map & Data Oversize No Spine Label
gstor 8 Map & Data Storage No Spine Label
gtatl 8 Map & Data Time Series Atlas No Spine Label
gtmap 8 Map & Data Time Series Map No Spine Label
h Huron College Library
harch 8 HUR archives NO LOAN
hchin 0 HUR Chinese
hdk2h 6 HUR circ 2HR
hdkcd 5 HUR circ CD 1DAY
hhhh Ask at Huron
hmic 8 HUR micro NO LOAN
hmz7d 2 HUR mezz 7DAY
hmzgd 8 HUR mezz NO LOAN
hmzin 8 HUR mezz NO LOAN
hovr 0 HUR stack ovrsize
hpcur 8 HUR current per NO LOAN
hper 8 HUR periodical NO LOAN
hrar 8 HUR rare NO LOAN
hraro 8 HUR rare ovrsize NO LOAN
href 8 HUR reference No LOAN
hres1 5 HUR res 1DAY
hres3 3 HUR res 3DAY
hrfq 8 HUR ref quick NO LOAN
hser 8 HUR series NO LOAN
hstk 0 HUR stack
hstor 8 HUR storage NO LOAN
htrav 3 HUR travel 3DAY
hvid 5 HUR video 1 DAY
iwwwn 0 INTERNET No Spine Label
j St. Peter's
javc 7 SPS audiovisuals 7 DAY
jcurr 8 SPS current per NO LOAN
jlow SPS lower level
jjjj Ask at St. Peter's
jovrs SPS Oversize
jper 8 SPS periodicals NO LOAN
jref 8 SPS reference NO LOAN
jres 6 SPS reserve 2 HR
jstk SPS stacks
jstor SPS storage NO LOAN
k King's
karch 8 King's Archives (Library Use Only)
kasto 8 King's Compact Storage (Library Use Only)
kavr 6 King's Audio Visual Viewing Room
kbper 8 King's Periodicals (Library Use Only)
kcass King's Multimedia at Circulation Desk
kcd King's Multimedia at Circulation Desk
kcstk King's Stacks on Second Floor
kdk1d King's Reserve at Circulation Desk 1 Day Loan
kdoc King's Government Publications (Library Use Only)
kdvd King's Multimedia at Circulation Desk
keat King's Eaton Special Collections Room (Library Use Only)
kkkk Ask for assistance at King's Research Desk
kld 8 King's Multimedia at Circulation Desk
klow King's Storage
kmfic KC Microfiche NO LOAN
kmflm King's Microfilm Cabinets (Library Use Only)
kovrg King's Oversize Second Floor
kper 8 King's Periodicals (Library Use Only)
kref 8 King's Reference Collection (Library Use Only)
kroom 6 King's Reference Collection (Library Use Only)
krrm 6 King's Reserve at Circulation Desk 2 Hour Loan
krs2h 6 King's Reserve at Circulation Desk 2 Hour Loan
krs3d 3 King's Reserve at Circulation Desk 3 Day Loan
krs7d 2 King's Reserve 7 Day Loan
ksolo 6 King's Individual Study Room on Second Floor
lavcn 8 LAW cassette NO LOAN LAWAVC
lbasg 0 LAW basement LAWBAS
lbasn 8 LAW basement NO LOAN LAWBAS
lcurn 8 LAW current per NO LOAN No Spine Label
ldign 8 LAW digests NO LOAN LAWDIG
ldk2h 6 LAW circ 2HR LAWDSK
lgorn 8 LAW govt ref NO LOAN LAWGOR
lgovn 8 LAW govt NO LOAN LAWGOV
llabn 8 LAW computer lab NO LOAN LAWLAB
llegn 8 Law Library Main Floor Legislation - In-Library Use Only LAWLEG
llegl 8 Law Library Lower Stacks Legislation - In-Library Use Only LAWLEG
lmab 0 Law Banks Room LAWMAB
lmabn 8 Law Banks Room NO LOAN LAWMAB 
(Archival material, rare book treatment)
lmcdn 8 LAW microcard NO LOAN LAWMCD
lmfhn 8 LAW microfiche NO LOAN LAWMFH
lmfmn 8 LAW microfilm NO LOAN LAWMFM
lnetn 8 LAW network No Spine Label
lovrg 0 LAW stack ovrsize LAWOVR
lovrn 8 LAW ovrsize NO LOAN LAWOVR
lpamg 0 LAW pamphlet LAWPAM
lpern 8 LAW periodical NO LOAN LAWPER
lrefn 8 LAW reference NO LOAN LAWREF
lremn 8 LAW ref mform NO LOAN LAWREM
lrepn 8 Law Library Lower Stacks Law Reports - In-Library Use Only LAWREP
lrepl 8 Law Library Main Floor Law Reports - In-Library Use Only LAWREP
lstan 8 LAW statutes NO LOAN LAWSTA
lstkg 0 LAW stack LAWSTK
lstkn 8 LAW stack NO LOAN LAWSTK
m Music
mavcn 8 MUS audio visual NO LOAN
mcurn 8 MUS current per NO LOAN No Spine Label
mdesk 1 MUS circ 14day (for CDs) MUS desk
mdk1d 5 MUS circ 1DAY MUSDSK
mdk2h 6 MUS circ 2HR MUSDSK
mdk3d 3 MUS circ 3DAY MUSDSK
mdk4d 1 MUS circ 14DAY (DO NOT USE) MUSDSK
mdkg 0 MUS circ MUSDSK
mgman 8 MUS mahler rose NO LOAN MUSGMA
mgmfn 8 MUS mahler MICRO NO LOAN
mgmin 8 MUS mahler min NO LOAN MUSGMM
mgmjn 8 MUS mahler jumbo NO LOAN MUSGMJ
mgmon 8 MUS mahler ovr NO LOAN MUSGMO
mmcdn 8 MUS microcard NO LOAN MUSMCD
mmfhn 8 MUS microfiche NO LOAN MUSMFH
mmfmn 8 MUS microfilm NO LOAN MUSMFM
mmicn 8 MUS micro NO LOAN MUSMIC
mming 0 MUS mini score MUSMIN
mminn 8 MUS mini score NO LOAN MUSMIN
movr4 1 MUS ovrsize 14DAY MUSOVR
movrg 0 MUS ovrsize MUSOVR
movrn 8 MUS ovrsize NO LOAN MUSOVR
movrs 0 MUS ovrsize score MUSOVR
mpamg 0 MUS pamphlet MUSPAM
mrefg 0 MUS reference MUSREF
mrefn 8 MUS reference NO LOAN MUSREF
mstk1 5 MUS stack 1DAY MUSSTK
mstk3 3 MUS stack 3DAY MUSSTK
mstk4 1 MUS Seminar Room MUSSTK
mstk7 2 MUS stack 7DAY MUSSTK
mstkg 0 MUS stack MUSSTK
mstkn 8 MUS stack NO LOAN MUSSTK
mstks 0 MUS stack score MUSSTK
o Music
ocbo 1 CBO choral band CBO
ocbo7 2 CBO choral band 7DAY CBO
ocbon 8 CBO choral band NO LOAN CBO
p Pride Library
pavcn 8 PRI audio visual NO LOAN PRIAVC
pgran 8 PRI graphic NO LOAN PRIGRA
ppern 8 PRI periodical NO LOAN PRIPER
prefn 8 PRI reference NO LOAN PRIREF
pspen 8 PRI special NO LOAN PRISPE
pstkn 1 PRI stack  (14 Day) PRISTK
r Storage
rrdlg 0 STORAGE - Use "Request Item" RDL
rrdln 8 RDL Storage NO LOAN RDL
rrdlu STORAGE - Library Use Only RDL
s System codes (suppressed)
sacqn 8 Office copy - Acquisitions No Spine Label
sactn 8 Office copy - Administration No Spine Label
scatn 8 Office copy - Cataloguing CATREF
sdump ASK for HELP
No Spine Label


[backlog gifts]

ssysn 8 Office copy - Systems Office SYSOFC
t Taylor
tcomg 0 TAY compact TAYCOM
tcomn 8 TAY compact NO LOAN TAYCOM
tdk TAY desk
tdk1d 5 TAY desk 1DAY TAYDSK
tdk2h 6 TAY desk 2HR TAYDSK
tdk3d 3 TAY desk 3DAY TAYDSK
tdk7d 2 TAY desk 7DAY TAYDSK
tgovg 0 TAY govt TAYGOV
tillm TAY ill loan
tjumg 0 TAY stack jumbo TAYJUM
tpern 8 TAY periodical NO LOAN TAYPER
trefn 8 TAY reference NO LOAN TAYREF
treqn 8 TAY ref quick NO LOAN TAYREQ
troom TAY Study Room
tstk1 5 TAY stack 1DAY TAYSTK
tstk3 3 TAY stack 3DAY TAYSTK
tstk7 2 TAY stack 7DAY TAYSTK
tstkg 0 TAY stack TAYSTK
tstkn 8 TAY stack NO LOAN TAYSTK
Centre for Teaching and Learning
see codes under  f
u Brescia
ucirc BRES circ
uconv BRES convent
ufsl 8 BRES food lab NO LOAN
uover BRES Stack Oversize
uper BRES Periodicals NO LOAN
ur302 BRES room 302
uref 8 BRES reference NO LOAN
urs1d BRES Circ Desk 1 Day
urs2d BRES Circ Desk 2 Day
urs3d BRES Circ Desk 3 Day
urs7d BRES Circ Desk 7 Day
ustk BRES stack
ustor BRES storage
uswc BRES Writing Centre No LOAN
uuu Ask at Brescia
uwc3 BRES the circle 3DAY
uwc7 BRES the circle
w Weldon
wcurn 8 DBW current per NO LOAN No Spine Label
wdk1h 7 DBW circ 1HR DBWDSK
wdk2h 6 DBW circ 2HR DBWDSK
wdk3d 3 DBW circ 3DAY DBWDSK
wdkg 0 DBW circ DBWDSK
wgcnn 8 DBW govt census NO LOAN DBWGCN - Canadian only
wgfhn 8 DBW govt mfiche NO LOAN DBWGFH
wgfmn 8 DBW govt mfilm NO LOAN DBWGFM
wgmpn 8 DBW govt map NO LOAN DBWGMP
wgorn 8 DBW govt ref NO LOAN DBWGOR
wgovn 8 DBW govt NO LOAN DBWGOV
wgoxn 8 DBW govt atlas NO LOAN DBWGOX
wgptn 8 DBW govt mprint NO LOAN DBWGPT
wgrbn 8 DBW govt rare bk NO LOAN DBWGRB
wilb2 DBW ill book 21DAY
willm DBW ill loan
wilpn DBW ill periodical
wjumg 0 DBW stack jumbo DBWJUM
wmapn 8 DBW ref atlas NO LOAN DBWMAP
wmcdn 8 DBW microcard NO LOAN DBWMCD
wmfhn 8 DBW microfiche NO LOAN DBWMFH
wmfmn 8 DBW microfilm NO LOAN DBWMFM
wmicn 8 DBW micro NO LOAN DBWMIC
wmptn 8 DBW microprint NO LOAN DBWMPT
wocsn 8 DBW off campus NO LOAN

[Western Ontario Health Knowledge Network]

wovr2 3 Weldon Library 2nd Floor Oversize - Regular Loan DBWOVR
wovr3 0 Weldon Library 3rd Floor Oversize - Regular Loan DBWOVR
wovr4 0 Weldon Library 4th Floor Oversize - Regular Loan DBWOVR
wovrg5 0 Weldon Library 5th Floor Oversize - Regular Loan DBWOVR
wpamn 8 DBW pamphlet NO LOAN DBWPAM
wpern 8 DBW periodical NO LOAN DBWPER
wprrn 8 DBW periodcl ref NO LOAN DBWPRR
wrefn 8 DBW reference NO LOAN DBWREF
wremn 8 DBW ref mfiche NO LOAN DBWREM
wreqn 8 DBW ref quick NO LOAN DBWREQ
wres1 5 DBW res 1DAY DBWRES
wres3 3 DBW res 3DAY DBWRES
wres7 2 DBW res 7DAY DBWRES
wstk3 3 DBW stack 3DAY DBWSTK
wstk2 0 Weldon Library 2nd Floor - Regular Loan DBWSTK
wstk3 0 Weldon Library 3rd Floor - Regular Loan DBWSTK
wstk4 0 Weldon Library 4th Floor - Regular Loan DBWSTK
wstk5 0 Weldon Library 5th Floor - Regular Loan DBWSTK
xocon 8 ICO Olympic NO LOAN ICOOLY
xocsn 8 ICO sports NO LOAN ICOSPO
xocvn 8 ICO video NO LOAN ICOVID
xovrn 8 ICO oversize NO LOAN ICOOVR
xxxxx tmp No Spine Label
ydk2h 6 IMS circ 2HR IMSDSK
ypern 8 IMS periodical NO LOAN IMSPER
yrefn 8 IMS reference NO LOAN IMSREF
ystkn 8 IMS stack NO LOAN IMSSTK
zzzzz USE REQUEST BUTTON No Spine Label