Music compact discs

Music compact discs--cataloguing guidelines


LDR/06 Type

j = musical sound recording

LDR/07 Bib lvl

m = monograph

LDR/17 Enc lvl

b = full-level record

Fixed fields

007/00 Material category

s = sound recording

007/01 Specific material designation

d = sound disc

007/02 Undefined

| (fill character)

007/03 Speed

f = 1.4 meters per second

007/04 Configuration of playback channels

s = stereo
u = unknown

007/05 Groove width or pitch

n = not applicable

007/06 Dimensions

g = 4 3/4 in. or 12 cm.

007/07 Tape width


007/08 Tape configuration


007/09 Kind of disc, tape or cylinder

m = mass produced

007/10 Kind of material

m = plastic or metal

007/11 Kind of cutting


007/12 Special playback characteristics

e = digital recording

007/13 Capture and storage technique

d = digital storage

008 Music

Assign values for music material

Variable Fields

028 03 Manufacturer no.

As supplied from disc label (and/or container) . Note that the 2nd indicator is 3.

040 bb Cataloguing agencies


099 Call Number

We assign an accession number to CDs (e.g. MCD19000).

*** Coutts should leave the 099 blank.

1xx Name/Corporate name

Follow AACR2 to assign main entry

240 10 Uniform title

Add uniform title if required

245 Title

  • GMD: |h[sound recording]
  • Structure:
    • |aTitle proper|h[sound recording] :|bsubtitle
    • |aTitle proper|h[sound recording].|pPart title :|bsubtitle
    • |aTitle proper|h[sound recording].|nNumber of part or section :|bsubtitle

246 Varying Form of Title

Do not create a 246 just to spell out a number in a title. Do not add GMDs to 246s.

260 Imprint

300 Physical Description

1 sound disc :|bdigital ;|c4 3/4 in.

NOTE: Libraries and Archives Canada cataloguing uses "1 compact disc". Do not edit; leave as is.

306 bb Duration

Formatted duration note, if present

490/830 Series

Include the series, if present.

500 Title Source

Provide note if not from disc label. (i.e. Title from container/insert)  


Add note "Compact disc[s]" for all music CDs.

505 0b

Provide a contents note for all CDs unless titles are in the 245 field.

511 0b

Provide performer(s) note as required. It is not necessary to list the individual members of a named group.


Provide recording details, if available. This is normally important only if it's a live performance or a reissue of a performance that might have originally been issued on LP.

6XX b0

Provide as indicated by medium of performance (i.e. symphonic, orchestral, vocal, etc.)

7XX 1b

Provide personal name and corporate body added entries for performers, up to a maximum of five.  For operas or other large works, provide added entries only for major performers (as indicated on container), the conductor, chorus (if listed) and orchestra.


For classical CDs, provide analytics according to rules in AACR2.

For non-classical CDs, analytics are not needed.

Barcodes, labels, and stamps:

Do not barcode, label, or stamp CDs.