Music Scores

LDR/06 Type

c = printed music

LDR/07 Bib lvl

m = monograph

LDR/17 Enc lvl

b = full-level record

008 Music

Assign values for musical material

Variable Fields

024 2b (ISMN)

Assign if present

028 33 or 23 Publisher/Plate no.

Include as supplied from cover, title page, or 1st page of music. Please note that the 2nd indicator must be 3.

040 bb Cataloguing agencies


099 Call Number

Music is classified in M or MT. Most scores are in M except music which is for teaching or instruction (such as studies and exercises).

1xx Name/Corporate name

240 10 Uniform title

Most music scores that contain the music of a single composer require a uniform title.

245 Title

  • Structure:
    • |aTitle proper :|bsubtitle
    • |aTitle proper.|pPart title :|bsubtitle
    • |aTitle proper.|nNumber of part or section :|bsubtitle

246 Varying Form of Title

Titles in parallel languages and/or prominent sub-titles. Do not create a 246 just to spell out a number in a title.

260 Imprint

Place :|bPublisher,|cDate

300 Physical Description

1 score (?? p.) [+ ?? parts, when present] :|b[ill., facsims.] ;|c[height] [+ accompanying material when present, such as a CD)]

Note that music for one instrument is not called a score in the physical description; use p. of music (such as “23 p. of music.”)

306 bb Duration

Formatted duration note, if easily determined. Do not add durations for individual pieces together.

4XX/830 Series

Include the series, if present.


Include note about the source of the title if not from t.p. Provide additional notes as required in AACR2.

505 b0

Provide contents notes for collections, up to 15 titles.

6XX b0

7XX 1b

Personal name/corporate body added entries (supplied if available).

7XX 12

Add analytics if required by AACR2.



Attach a call no. label to the score either on the spine or the front cover as per usual procedures. Do not label any parts, and do not produce labels for parts.

Attach barcode to the front of the score. Do not barcode parts.

Call numbers:

There are call number examples for scores in the Call number format document. We can provide more examples if needed.