Special Treatment of some Loose-leaf Materials Ordered for Law

The Law Library frequently purchases Loose-leaf materials as "firm orders". i.e. only one specific "edition" is ordered at a time. There is no standing order for the updates. Thus we'll treat these issues as monographs, and catalogue as one time issued edition and not as an ongoing loose-leaf publication.  [Note: Law Library staff sends them out for binding]

Cataloguing Guidelines

Always CHECK PRF for special instructions in the "GENERAL NOTE" box; the note "No supplements will be received" indicates that we should treat the issue as an edition If a derived record is available it should be modified accordingly.

The derived record could be a monograph, multivolume serial, or integrated resource records.  Change to a monograph record, with the MARC Leader bib level m (make changes to 006, 007, and 008 as needed). 


ADD the date to the call number


Treat this as a one time issue; in cases, and it is in majority of cases, where there is a copyright date of the original and the date of the issue in hand use both dates:

Dat Type: t [copyright date]
Dat One: [the date from the item in hand, i.e. the latest date]
Dat Two: [the original copyright date]


Use the latest date from the issue in hand as the first date; this may be followed by a copyright date. DO NOT leave the date "open".


CHANGE the description from loose-leaf to a singe issue,  e.g. " 1 v. (various pagings)  ", 2 v., etc.


OCLC Records should be modified as for any other variant edition:
Print copy for Barb to delete from OCLC and    DELETE: 003, 005, 029, 049

There is no need to add notes in the item record re: special treatment. Use 500 note to record data specific to the issue in hand. 

History of Document Revisions

Document previously assumed a monograph bibliographic record instead of the possibility of an integrated resource or serial record.