Taylor fund codes and NLM Classification

Fund(s) Subject Areas (Old fund codes) Classification Notes
  • General (TTAYA & TTAYE)
  • General Science (TSCNA & TSCNE)
  • Reference (TRETA & TRETE)
NLM/LC *Follow Guidelines at bottom of page
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)
  • Biology (TBIOA & TBIOE)
  • Chemical Engineering (TCBEA & TCBEE)
  • Chemistry (TCHEA & TCHEE)
  • Civil & Env Engineering (TCEEA & TCEEE)
  • Computer Science (TCOSA & TCOSE)
  • Earth Sciences (TEARA & TEARE)
  • Elec & Comp Engineering (TECEA & TECEE)
  • Math & Stats (TMASA & TMASE)
  • Mech & Mat Engineering (TMMEA & TMMEE)
  • Physics & Astronomy (TPHYA & TPHYE)
LC Biology previously split as NLM/LC it will now be catalogued as all LC
  • Medicine & Health
  • Applied Health (TAHSA & TAHSE)
  • Basic Med Science (TBMSA & TMBSE)
  • Clinical Medicine (TCMDA & TCMDE)
  • Health Sciences (THSCA & THSCE)
  • Kinesiology (TKINA & TKINE) *
  • Nursing (TNURA & TNURE)
NLM Health Sciences previously split as NLM/LC it will now be cataloged as NLM
*Kinesiology See specifications at bottom regarding NLM

NLM Classification for Taylor Library Materials

The following *NLM classes* are used for Taylor Library materials in pre-clinical and clinical areas:

  • *QS-QZ
  • *W-WZ

The following LC classes are entirely or partially replaced with NLM Classes for Taylor Library Materials in pre-clinical and clinical subject areas:

  • *QM* (Human anatomy) is replaced by *NLM Class QS*
  • *QR* (Microbiology) is replaced by *NLM Class QW*
  • *QD* (Chemistry) - for materials which seem chiefly biochemical or pharmaceutical in nature use *NLM class QU* or *QV*. This will likely affect the QD45-436 range only. Use QD for all other materials in Chemistry.
  • *QL55; SF405.5-SF407.S97* for laboratory animals is replaced with *NLM Class QY 50-60* for materials on the care and clinical use of laboratory animals.
  • *QP is to be used for *Animal physiology* only. For *"human physiology". Use NLM class QT*. For "*biochemistry",* use *NLM class QU*.

The following exceptions apply for Kinesiology titles:

  • *RC1200-1245* covers sports medicine & physiology of sports needs to be classified as NLM
  • *GV* class recreation et. al in LC can stay as LC - and the location code will be Weldon Library