Western Authors

General Policy

It is UWO cataloguing practice to provide access points for UWO faculty, staff, departments, centres, etc. who have contributed to the work being catalogued. To make sure that UWO authors are identified, Collections Librarians will note such information on PRFs whenever possible.

Added entries for translators, illustrators, authors of an essay in a collection, etc. are usually not provided in cataloguing records created by national or other cataloguing agencies. It is the cataloguer's responsibility to make sure that such access points are provided for UWO connected names. If the reason for the added entry is not apparent from the body of the description, it should be justified by a note giving the name of a person or body and relationship.

For works under editorial direction, it might be necessary to expand the 245 /|c to include UWO author(s) despite the general rule not to supply if the number of names listed exceeds three. Supply explanatory 500 note. Provide added entry for UWO authors as well.

This policy does not apply to inclusion of former faculty except if requested by Collections.

Sample notes:

500 Contributor William Bush is UWO faculty member.
500 Includes contributions by the following UWO faculty members: ...
500 Author is UWO faculty member.


This policy does not apply to personal names in serials. Access points for authors of articles are not provided. The name of an editor is given only if a particular person edited the serial for all or most of its existence, or if the person's name is better known than the title of the serial. Access points for UWO departments or faculties, however are always given.