Keep @ Downsview

Western is proud to be a partner in the Keep@Downview project with The University of Toronto, University of Ottawa, McMaster University and Queen's University.

What it is

Keep@Downsview is a shared print preservation partnership between five Ontario University libraries, which utilizes a shared storage facility and is driven by a commitment to steward print collections for future generations. This partnership is part of a larger movement in higher education for universities to share resources and costs related to preservation of the scholarly record.

About the facility

The Keep@Downsview is an extension of the University of Toronto's existing Downsview preservation facility. It is designed to provide a secure, environmentally controlled space that is optimal for long-term preservation. It uses cost-effective, high-density storage, and has a capacity for 5 million volumes, with the potential for further expansion.

What's in Downsview?

Low use print journals and books from all five libraries will be stored at Downsview; Western Libraries will retain ownership of any materials transferred there. Western's materials preserved at Downsview will appear in the Library's catalogue as "In Storage" and the usual procedures for requesting items from storage will apply.

The partnership and shared facility will create exciting new opportunities for the development of new services and delivery options that will improve access to collections including on demand digitization and electronic delivery services for journals currently only available in print.

If you have any questions regarding the shared preservation initiative, please contact Harriet Rykse, Associate Chief Librarian for Content Management, Discovery and Access.