Administration and Operations

Our unit is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Western Libraries in a cross-functional environment. We provide organizational support to all of the library teams, including staffing and HR, as well as storage and facilities.

Staff Members

Administration - Senior Leadership Team

Photo of Catherine Steeves

Catherine Steeves

Vice-Provost and Chief Librarian

519-661-2111 x83165
Photo of Brenda Bell

Brenda Bell

Director of Operations

519-661-2111 x84806


Photo of Bobby Glushko

Bobby Glushko (on leave)

Associate Chief Librarian

  • Research and Scholarly Communication
  • Teaching and Learning
519-661-2111 x82740

Selected Works

Photo of Kelly  Hatch

Kelly Hatch

Acting Associate Chief Librarian (Research)

519-661-2111 x80958


Selected Works

Photo of Jennifer Robinson

Jennifer Robinson

Deputy Chief Librarian

  • User Experience
  • User Services
  • Student Engagement
519 661-2111 x86897


Selected Works

Photo of Harriet Rykse

Harriet Rykse

Associate Chief Librarian

  • Collections
  • Archives and Special Collections
  • Discovery, Description, and Metadata
519-661-2111 x84850


Administrative Operations

Photo of Rosanne Markovic

Rosanne Markovic

Supervisor, Administrative Operations

519 661-2111 x84807
Photo of Kathleen Wilson

Kathleen Wilson

Human Resources Coordinator

  • Full Time and Term UWOSA and PMA level recruitment
  • Part Time recruitment
  • Payroll and vacation tracking
519 661-2111 x84808
Photo of Cheryl Wright

Cheryl Wright

Administrative Assistant

  • Multitask
  • Teamwork
  • Strong computer skills
519-661-2111 x84796


Facilities and Storage Services

Photo of Rick Kirk

Rick Kirk

Manager, Facilities Operations and Records Centre Services

519 661-2111 x81342
Photo of Matthew Fluter

Matthew Fluter

Coordinator, Storage Services

519 661-2111 x81344
Photo of Dean Johnson

Dean Johnson

Facilities Assistant

  • Supply Acquisitions
  • Co-ordinating facility and equipment repair
  • Shipping / Receiving logistics
519-661-2111 x84757


Photo of Morley Nowoselsky

Morley Nowoselsky

Facilities Assistant

519 661-2111 x84757
Photo of Senad Omercajic

Senad Omercajic

Archives Services Assistant

519 661-2111 x88584
Photo of Gil Radtke

Gil Radtke

Records Services Assistant

519 661-2111 x81061

Library Information Technology Services

Photo of Gene Lusk

Gene Lusk

Manager, Library Information Technology Services

  • Information Technology
  • Business Analysis
  • Information Management
519-661-2111 x84812
Photo of Robert Graves

Robert Graves

Web Developer

519-661-2111 x88350
Photo of Paul Hamilton

Paul Hamilton

Library Services Platform Administrator

519-661-2111 x81333
Photo of Marek Klikiewicz

Marek Klikiewicz

Systems Administrator & Network Services

519-661-2111 x84809
Photo of Ron Lillycropp

Ron Lillycropp

Technology Support Specialist

519-661-2111 x81341
Photo of John Silvester

John Silvester

Data Specialist

519-661-2111 x84899
Photo of Constance Williams

Constance Williams

Technology Support Specialist