Fines Appeal Form

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We encourage you to first discuss your situation with staff at the owning library where the overdue or billed item originates before submitting this form.

Your appeal must be submitted within 60 days of the assessment of the fine.

The following situations will NOT be considered for appeal:

  • Unfamiliar with borrowing policies
  • Failure to keep track of due dates
  • Failure to renew by the due date
  • Non-receipt of library notices, either electronically or by mail
  • Inability to renew online
  • Not returning recalled materials because you were out of town/country
  • Failure to report a change in your email or mailing address to Western Libraries
  • Appeals against the principle of fining or the rate of fines
Provide all of the information in the form below. The Fines Appeals Council will investigate your appeal and respond within 10 days.
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  • (Please provide applicable information - call number(s), fine amount, date and place where the material was returned, and reason for your appeal.)

Notice of Collection
Personal information contained on this form is collected under the authority of the University of Western Ontario Act, 1982 (as amended) and will be used to process the appeal of your library fine(s). Questions about this collection should be directed to the Assistant University Librarian or Director of the library where the request for the appeal is made.

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