Greater access to print resources starts August 3

Published on August 03, 2021

Starting August 3, Western students, faculty, and staff have access to nearly 23.5 million resources across Omni – the shared search system between the Ontario Council of University Libraries (OCUL)'s Collaborative Futures partners.

This means you can request print items for local pick up, whether it’s a Western Libraries copy or coming from one of the partner universities, giving you the broadest access to physical materials for your learning, research, and teaching. Plus you’ll have the same 120-day loan period, regardless of which library the material is coming from.

This increased access represents the next step in collaboration between the 16 partner university libraries, with the goal of bringing you greater access to the collections available across these academic institutions.

What makes this expansion even better?

When you request an item in Omni from outside Western Libraries or one of the affiliated university college library collections, a pre-filled request form is automatically created for you to review and submit for fulfilment.

This is similar to the interlibrary loans service Western Libraries patrons use now, but streamlines the request process for a better experience, whether you’re a student or teaching courses.

In addition, search parameters in Omni are now set to “Western and Affiliate Libraries + Omni Libraries” to offer you the largest possible number of results. Should you wish to limit your search results, you can change your search scope to “Western and Affiliate Libraries” after searching, or in the advanced search options.

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