Brescia Library Integration FAQ

Published on April 16, 2024

Will the Beryl Ivey Library remain open?

Since faculty and academic activities will move to the main Western campus over the summer, the library will close to the public as of May 1. Collections will remain on site and be available for request via Western's catalogue (OMNI).

Will I be able to access Beryl Ivey Library materials?

Yes. Collections from the Beryl Ivey Library will be available for request via the catalogue (OMNI) and delivered to the Western Libraries location of your choosing for pick up. 

I have books checked out from Beryl Ivey Library that are due after April 30. Where do I return these books?

You can return books at the book return box located outside the Beryl Ivey Library. 

Library books can also be returned to any Western Libraries location, the Huron University College Library, and the Cardinal Carter Library at King's University College. Find these locations and more with this map of libraries and resource centres

How do I access the library catalogue?

You can continue to access Western's library catalogue (OMNI) via the Western Libraries homepage,

Where do I go to ask questions about Western Libraries?

Visit Western Libraries' Contact page for options to connect with library staff. 

Where are Western's libraries located? When are they open?

Find maps and information about Western's libary locations and resource centres on Western Libraries' Visit Us page.

Hours vary by location. For a full list of library hours, visit the Hours page.

What collections are housed in Western Libraries' different locations? How can I browse the collection?

Western Libraries' collections are spread across multiple locations. We recommend you check the location of the material you're looking for in the catalogue (OMNI) before you arrive. 

You can use the virtual browse feature in the catalogue to browse the collection by various options, including call number, author, and subject, scrolling back and forth through the virtual shelf. 

Contact staff at Western Libraries if you need help finding research materials. 

Will I have access to accessible library services and spaces at Western?

Accessible Education provides campus-wide support and services to Western students, across all programs and faculties. Students registered with Accessible Education are eligible for services supported by Western Libraries. Visit the Accessible Education homepage to register or reactivate your accomodations. 

Visit Western Libraries' Library Accessibility page to learn more about accessible library facilities and services.

Can I still get research help from library staff?

Western Libraries has different options to request help from library experts, including Info Desks at each location, one-on-one appointments and the same chat service, Ask a Librarian, that was available on the Beryl Ivey Library website. 

Visit the Get Research Help page to learn how to get help, the kinds of support available and what to expect. 

How do I get help with citations?

Visit Western Libraries' Citation Guides page for links to guides, citation management software, and other supports. 

You can also connect with library experts to review draft citations and work through citing unique and unusual sources. Visit the Get Research Help page to learn how to get help, the kinds of support available and what to expect. 

How do I print at Western Libraries locations?

You can print, copy, and scan at all Western Libraries locations using PaperCut, the same service you used at Beryl Ivey Library. 

Visit the Western Libraries Print, Copy, Scan page to learn more. 

Where can I access course readings?

Students can find a link to log in to their course readings via the Western Libraries homepage. Once logged in, you'll be able to access digital copies and see which library locations offer physical course materials. 

Instructors who want to take advantage of the Course Readings service can email their syllabus to and the Western Libraries team will make the course materials accessible to students. Visit the Course Readings page for more information about the service. 

What bookable study spaces are available at Western Libraries locations? How do I book a study room?

Visit the Book a Study Space page to reserve a study room for your group at The D.B. Weldon Library, Allyn and Betty Taylor Library, or the C.B. "Bud" Johnston Business Library. 

Graduate students can also take advantage of daily study rooms and assigned office space.

Are there chargers available for loan at Western Libraries locations?

Western Libraries has a large collection of charging cables, media adapters, and more specialized equipment available to borrow from various locations. You can find lists of loanable technology and other equipment in the catalogue. 

Can I borrow laptops from Western Libraries? Are there desktop computers I can use?

Desktop computers are available at all Western Libraries' locations. 

Laptops are not available for loan from Western Libraries. 

How do I access the Writing Centre at Western?

The Writing Support Centre offers appointments on the D.B. Weldon Library mezzanine through the summer and drop-in supports during the academic year. Visit the Writing Support Centre website to learn more about their services.